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American Express Credit CardAdd to the saved card.

Card reward items:
Membership Rewards
Up to 3 times or 5 times the average monthly income (Depending on the case) depending on your average monthly income
Annual Fee:
Primary card: 1,926 baht per year (VAT included).
Supplementary card: Free first 2 fees and 1,284 baht per year (including VAT) for the 3rd card onwards.
7.99% per year for goods and services payment and 13% per year for cash withdrawals,
5% usage fee per year

Interest rates and credit usage fees for just 12.99%1

Spend more as you wish for your life with lower interest rates and usage fees of just 12.99% per year for purchases of goods and services. When you choose to pay the minimum monthly amount

Annual fee waiver in the next year2

You will be eligible for an annual fee waiver for the next year, both for primary cards and third supplement cards onwards. Only spending with an American Express credit card from 150,000 baht ("Spending") per year or more by From 13 May 2017 onwards, the company will bring the total amount from the monthly payment plan to be included in the calculation of privilege to waive the annual fee for the next year.

Terms and conditions
See more details here.

For every daily spending Change to life reward

Exclusive to American Express credit cards, you can enjoy exchanging Membership Rewards points with cash back into your card account.Every 1,000 points can be redeemed for cash back into your card account up to 250 baht between 1 December. C. 2016 to 31 Dec 2017, equivalent to 1% cashback of every spending via the card without any amount of redemption. The more you spend The more cash back is credited to your card account

you can also enjoy a world of rewards in the Membership Rewards points that select precious prizes in various categories such as travel, shopping, electronics. Dining vouchers and much more.

You can join the Membership Rewards points in the Basic Membership Rewards program category instantly and Membership Rewards points never expire.

Terms and conditions apply. Please.Click here for details.

Indulge in a life of great value With increased mobility

Spend more as you wish for your life with reduced interest rates and usage fees of just 12.99% per year for purchases of goods and services. When you choose to pay the minimum monthly spending that helps reduce the interest burden Giving you the freedom to pay your remaining balance comfortably and quickly

You can withdraw cash up to 100% of the credit limit or up to 1,000 US Dollars every 28 days from more than 520,000 ATMs around the world that have an ATM Pool or Express Cash symbol. (This price does not include VAT).

Terms and conditions apply. Please click here for details.

More warranty

Product Return Guarantee1

Is provided for satisfaction in the products specified in the insurance certificate purchased at a price not less than 1,000 baht for personal use only and pay for all products by credit card American Express

However, if within 7 days from the date of purchase American Express credit card members are unhappy with the product they bought and the seller refuses to accept the return. American credit card member Express can return the product to an insurance company, with the company paying back the American credit card members. Express within the value equal to the purchase price or up to 10,000 baht per item and within the limit of 32,000 baht per calendar year.

Warranty, product price guarantee1

Will cover in the event that an American Express credit card member has bought And pay by American Express credit card if within 15 days from the date of purchase Similar products are advertised at a lower price than on printed materials with a specified date.

Insurance companies will reimburse American Express Credit Card members for the difference in price of the different products, but not less than 500 baht per product, up to 10,000 baht per item and under the limit of 32,000 baht per year. Tin

Product Protection Plan1

Will cover the purchase of products that are covered by the repair conditions Replacement and including compensation for insurance products at the discretion of the insurance company for damaged products within a period of 30 days from the date of purchase and when the goods were purchased for personal use and as a gift to a person Third place by paying with American Express credit card The maximum coverage is 48,000 baht per product and under the 240,000 baht per year

terms and conditions
1 for more details. Please check the insurance certificate documents sent with the card manual.

More services

American Express Credit Card Membership Services

Our card membership service department Ready to service and answer all your queries at 0 2273 5999.

You can inquire about card accounts. Check your payment and spending balance and Membership Rewards 24 hours a day. Simply call 0 2273 5999,

whether for personal, social, or business agendas. You can deliver your wishes on those special occasions through the delivery of Express Gift Basket sets. Gift (Express Gift) that facilitates you without having to spend time shopping for yourself. Just order with an American Express credit card. Gift sets that have been beautifully organized will be delivered to the user. Receive the following day by calling 0 2273 5999

Make your life easier by using the automatic monthly payment service through an American Express credit card. A special service that will allow you to pay with a single American Express card to help reduce the hassle each month. And the mistake of paying multiple services at the same time. Download the form here.

important information

1Interest rate and usage fee fee of 12.99% per annum for the payment for goods and services. Consists of 5% annual fee usage fee and 7.99% annual interest rate which will be calculated from the outstanding balance of the accounting summary date as of December 3, 2016 or after that date according to the financial statement summary date of each period account The outstanding balance received at a special rate of 12.99% is the amount of debt arising from payments for goods and services via American Express credit cards, excluding cash advance withdrawals from Express Cash. The interest rates for Express Cash are still at 18% per year (interest rate and credit usage fee) interest rate and usage fee 12. 99% per year for the payment for this product and service Not the rate under the marketing promotion program And there is no expiration date, but there is no guarantee that these rates will not change in the future. American Express reserves the right to review interest rates and credit usage fees from time to time. According to the terms and conditions of the credit card American Express And in accordance with applicable law. American Express reserves the right to reduce interest rates and credit card usage fees in the future.

2 The company will calculate spending from the primary and supplementary card accounts together at the time that the primary and supplementary cards are due for the annual fee payment. In the first year, the company Will calculate spending amount through the card that has occurred in the past 11 accounting cycles, except for the expenses in the current billing cycle And for the next year, the company will calculate the total spending via card for a total of 12 billing cycles. The company will bring the total amount from the monthly installment plan to be included as expenses in order to calculate the eligibility for the annual fee exemption in However, the outstanding installment payments from the monthly installment plan that occurred before May 13, 2017 will not be included in the spending. Estimated annual license fee for the next year. Even if the said outstanding installment payment has to be paid after May 13, 2017