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 Better Customers
  • Frequent shoppers: 38% of Thailand American Express® Cardmembers shop at least once a week for non grocery items.1
  • On average, Cardmembers shop for non-grocery items 3 times a month.1
  • Cardmembers who like to use the Card: 49% of Cardmembers used their American Express® Card most often.1
  • 58% of Cardmembers would return to an establishment that started accepting American Express for a repeat purchase.1

 Better customer service
  • 91% of American Express Cardmembers think that establishments should accept American Express.1
  • 67% of Cardmembers would have a more positive opinion of an establishment that starts to accept American Express.1
  • 51% of Cardmembers would have a more positive opinion of the customer service of an establishment that starts to accept American Express.1
  1Card Usage & Attitude Study 2002. Conducted by Research International on behalf of American Express. A representative sample of 150 Cardmembers American Express Basic Cardmembers with at least 6 months tenure were interviewed.
 Better business solutions
When you welcome the American Express® Card, you welcome a world-class organisation with a well-earned reputation for service solutions expertise. American Express helps support and improve your business through:
  • Targeted programs to help access better customers
  • Convenient processing services and ongoing initiatives and policies that help protect you against fraud, safeguard against chargebacks and effectively manage Merchant and customer inquiries
  • Innovative services and products that anticipate your needs, as well as those of your customers
  • Recognition as a Merchant partner with a commitment to quality and service
 What are the application criteria?
Your business (e.g. corporation, partnership or sole trader) should be based in Thailand.

So why not apply now?

Apply to accept the Card

Reduce Fraud and Chargebacks