Reconcile Payments and Resolve Disputes
 Using a Terminal to Complete Transactions
 Introducing Electronic Merchant Services
 Review our Policies and Procedures
 Data Security Operating Policies
 Reduce Fraud and Chargebacks
 Learn about Online Merchant Services
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Settle Payments and Disputes
American Express American Express How to contact American Express when reconciling payments and resolving disputes
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Transactions via terminal Terminals designed for processing transactions electronically make doing business easier.
Electronic Merchant Services
Transactions via terminal Save time and money with our latest innovations.
Data Security Operating Policies
Data Security Learn about Data Security guidelines that will help you protect your customers' data.
Policies and procedures
Policies and procedures Comprehensive online reference guide to Merchant policies and procedures, including payments and reporting, how to process transactions, and Chargeback policies.
Reduce fraud and Chargebacks
Policies and procedures Strategies to decrease transactions that result in disputes.
Learn about Online Merchant Services
Learn about OMS Administer your account quickly and easily, directly from your computer.
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Answers to common questions
Answers to common questions Additional information to help you manage your Merchant account.
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