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American Express has various business policies to resolve disputes and identify non-compliance Chargebacks, as defined by the provisions of your Agreement with American Express. You are subject to Chargebacks as permitted under our operating policies and procedures, which may be amended from time to time.
  • American Express recognises the Merchant and the Cardmember as customers of equal value to American Express.
  • Our dispute and Chargeback handling is consistent with the provisions of your agreement with American Express.
The Cardmember enquiries and disputes process

  1. We will review the Cardmember enquiry/dispute and may request further information from you (Information Retrieval Request). We will itemise what information you need to provide to us and you must respond within 25 days.
  2. If the Cardmember provides sufficient evidence to support their claim, we reserve the right to issue a Chargeback Notification to you immediately (which means we will debit your account with us and advise you in writing.)
  3. Should we issue a Chargeback Notification, it will include the Chargeback reason, transaction details and copies of the Cardmember documentation where appropriate. We will itemise what information you need to provide us.
  4. If you agree that the Chargeback is valid, do nothing. The amount of the Chargeback will be deducted from our next payment to you.
  5. If you dispute the Chargeback, you will have 25 days in which to provide us with the necessary documentation to support your position.
  6. If you submit the documentation requested it will be sent to the Cardmember and your account will be re-credited, if necessary.
  7. If the Cardmember continues to dispute the transaction and is able to provide further documentation in support of their claim, we reserve the right to issue you with a Final Chargeback Notification and debit your account with us. The amount of the Chargeback will be deducted from our next payment to you.

Mail order, telephone and Internet locations
For all other Charges, such as those made through mail order, telephone and through the Internet you must:
  • Complete a Record of Charge as described in your agreement with American Express, and include the words "Mail Order," "Telephone Order" or "Signature on File" or “ Internet Order” on the Cardmember signature line
  • If you submit electronically, the electronic Record of Charge should also designate "Mail Order," "Telephone Order" or "Signature on File" or “Internet Order”

Charges will not be charged back for non-receipt when you obtain an Authorisation Approval Code for the transaction and can show a signed proof of delivery by the Cardmember or his designated agent at the address American Express verified as the Cardmember's billing address. A Cardmember's billing address may be verified by calling the American Express Authorizations number on 0 2273 5522.

American Express requires that Merchants provide "signed proof of delivery to the Cardmember's billing address." Providing us only a copy of the invoice generated is NOT sufficient and will result in a Chargeback if disputed or if the Charge otherwise proves uncollectable.

Prohibited transactions

Remember: you may not accept the Card for certain types of transactions. Please refer to your Agreement with American Express for a complete list.
Full Recourse

Merchants with high enquiry rates as determined by American Express may be required to accept Full Recourse/Chargebacks on all enquiries. As a result, no enquiry is sent to you and all Cardmember disputes are immediately charged back.
Your return policies

American Express will support your return policies in the event of a dispute, provided the policies are clearly disclosed to the Cardmember prior to completion of the Charge and printed on a copy of a receipt or Record of Charge that the Cardmember signs.

Recurrent/automatic billing

After we advise you that a Cardmember has requested discontinuation of automatic billing (membership dues, subscription, etc.), all future billings you submit to that account number will be automatically charged back.

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