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CPP MOTO GUI Reference Guide - Settling a Batch

Log in to MOTO GUI
 Once a transaction has been captured you can Settle a Batch of transactions - this is normally completed at the end of the day's processing. Select the "Settlement" tab in the top navigation bar.

Snapshot for Settlement Home Page Screen

This will take you to the Settlement home page, where you can begin the process of settling a batch of transactions.

Settling a batch

Step 1. Select "Settlement" from the left-hand menu bar. You will be taken to the Settlement screen.

Snapshot for Settlement Screen

Step 2. You will be shown a screen displaying the open batch that is available to be settled (containing all the captured transactions since the last batch was settled.)

To settle this batch click the "Settle Now" button.

Snapshot for Open Batch Settlement Screen

Confirming batch settlement status

Step 1. You will see that status of the batch is now pending for settlement. Select "Settlement History Selection" from the left-hand menu bar.

Snapshot for Settlement Details Screen
Step 2. You now have the option to search your Settlements by date. Enter today's date into the "Search by Date Range" field and click the "Search" Button.

Snapshot for Settlement Search Screen

Step 3. You will now be presented with a Settlement list screen indicating the status of the settled batch.

Snapshot for Settlement List Screen

If the status is "OK", your batch has now been settled.

If the status is not returned as "OK" you will need to contact your local American Express office (the contact details for which have been provided in your initial access information email).

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