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CPP MOTO GUI Reference Guide - Refunds or Credits

Log in to MOTO GUI
 Refunds or Credits can be processed once a transaction has been Captured and Settled. The process is similar to that described in the Transaction Capture section.

Select the Transaction tab in the top navigation bar.

Snapshot for Transaction Homepage Screen

clear Processing a refund or credit

Step 1. Select "Shopping Transaction Selection" from the left-hand menu bar. You will be taken to the Shopping Transaction search screen.

Step 2. Enter the date the transaction was authorised into the "Search by Date range" field.

Snapshot for Shopping Transaction Search Screen
Step 3. Press the "Search" button. This will display the transactions that have been authorised on that date.

Snapshot for Shopping Transaction List Screen

Step 4. Select the transaction you wish to refund by either clicking the "Shopping Transaction No." or by selecting the "Order No."
Step 5. You will now be taken to the "Purchasing Card and Customer Details" screen. To process a full Refund or credit, select the "Refund Now" button.

Partial Refunds or credits can be processed by altering the "Refund Amount" then selecting the "Refund Now" button.

Snapshot for Purchasing Card and Customer Details Screen

Once the "Refund Approved" message is displayed it means your refund or credit has been processed.

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