1. Definitions
"Amex" – means American Express (Thai) Co., Ltd.
"Card Account" – means the account maintained by Amex of the Basic Amex Cardmembers of the American Express Personal,
Gold, Platinum, Business, Corporate Cards or Credit Card. Any charges incurred on Supplementary Cards are considered a part
of the Basic Cardmember's Card Account. THAI American Express Platinum Credit Card excluded from the Program mentioned
"Cardmembers" – means the Basic Cardmembers.
"Enrollment Date" – means the first day of the month in which Amex receives the application for enrollment in Membership
Rewards Program, either with or without Membership Rewards PLUS Option. The enrollment date remains the same in the event
of transfer from one option to the other option.
"Frequent Customer Program" – means a program of participating airlines or hotels offering to their customers. The participating
airlines or hotels are subject to availability at Amex's sole discretion.
"Frequent Traveler Rewards" – means rewards obtained by transferring Points to selected Frequent Customer Program.
"Linked Accounts" – means Card Account(s) apart from Primary Account that is held by the same Cardmember.
"Main Agreements" – means the Cardmember Agreement for respective Card Accounts.
"Membership Rewards PLUS Option" – means Frequent Traveler Rewards and other rewards including shopping, dining, financial
services, travel, unique experience and the exclusive for Membership Rewards PLUS Option Cardmember who pay annual fee
"Membership Rewards basic Option" – means all rewards provided through the Program other than Membership Rewards PLUS
Rewards including shopping, dining, entertainment, financial services, travel, unique experience rewards and such other rewards as
may be added from time to time.
"Points" – means Membership Rewards Points.
"Primary Account" – means a designated Card Account of a Cardmember with more than 1 Card Account for the purpose of
Program Account assignment. The criteria for Primary Account selection are mentioned hereunder.
"Program" – means this American Express Membership Rewards Program.
"Program Account" – means the Membership Rewards Program Account opened for Cardmembers for the purposes of Program
Enrollment, Points accumulation and Points redemption.

2. Program Availability and Eligibility
2.1 Membership Rewards basic Option
Membership Rewards basic Option Program allows Cardmembers to redeem Membership Rewards basic rewards by using Points
earned from spending via Card Accounts. Points used for redemption of any items according to Membership Rewards basic rewards
may be varied depending on the type of Primary Account. Membership Rewards basic Option Program is opened to all Card Account
except American Express Corporate Card. All Eligible Accounts are automatically enrolled in Membership Rewards basic Option
Program without having to apply for and there is no Fee for Program membership and Enrollment.
2.2 Membership Rewards PLUS Option
Membership Rewards PLUS Option Program allows Cardmembers to redeem both Membership Rewards basic and Membership
Rewards PLUS by using Points earned from spending via Card Accounts. Platinum Card Accounts are automatically enrolled in
Membership Rewards PLUS free of charge without having to apply. All other Card Accounts must enroll for this Membership
Rewards PLUS Program to enjoy the privileges. Membership Rewards PLUS Program is available to all Card Accounts except:
     2.2.1 American Express Credit Card
     2.2.2 American Express Corporate Card:
Basic Corporate Cardmembers are eligible to enroll in the Membership Rewards PLUS Option only. Enrollment is subject to the approval
of the Corporate Cardmember's company and American Express. Enrolled Corporate Cards from the same company cannot be pooled
into one Program Account. Any points earned in respect of a Corporate Card accrue to the respective Corporate Cardmember for
his/her personal use and not to the Corporate.

3. Primary Account Assignment
In case that a Cardmember holds more than 1 Card Account, Amex will link all Points incurred from all Card Account under the same
Cardmember to the same Program Account. The Program Account will be assigned to the Primary Account according to the below
3.1 American Express Platinum Card
3.2 American Express Business Card
3.3 American Express Gold Card
3.4 American Express Personal Card
3.5 American Express Corporate Card
3.6 American Express Credit Card
Only Primary Account can enroll for Membership Rewards PLUS Program. The above shall not apply where the Cardmember holds
American Express Corporate Card and American Express Credit Card. In such a case the account shall not be linked together and
each Card Account is eligible to enroll separately.
For enrollment in Membership Rewards PLUS Program, Amex reserves the right to allow Cardmembers whose Primary and Linked Accounts are in good Standing at the enrollment time.

4. Fee
4.1 Membership Rewards PLUS Option.
The annual fee for Membership Rewards PLUS Program is prescribed in the table of fees and charges of the Primary Account which
is subject to change according to the procedure as prescribed in the Primary Account's terms and conditions. If a Membership
Rewards basic Option Cardmember later enrolls in the Membership Rewards PLUS Potion Program, the Cardmember shall pay an
"Enrollment Fee" according to the Fee as mentioned in the table of fees and charges. No Enrollment Fee shall be charged, if the
Cardmember uses up all Points already accrued before transferring to Membership Rewards PLUS option program. Amex will post
the Enrollment and annual fees to the Primary Account on the Enrollment Date and automatically annually for annual fee thereafter,
unless the Cardmember informs of cancellation in advance prior to the posting date of the annual fee. In case the Member terminates
the Card Account, a pro rate annual fee will be refunded to the Cardmember.
4.2 Membership Rewards Option.
There is no Enrollment and annual fee for enrollment in Membership Rewards basic Option Program.

5. Points Accrual
5.1 Every 25 Baht spent on Primary and Linked Account enrolled in the Program will get 1 Point accumulated in the Program
Account subject to the following exclusions:
No Points shall be accrued in respect of:
     5.1.1 Express Cash transactions
     5.1.2 American Express Travelers Cheque purchases
     5.1.3 Finance charges – including late payment fee for American Express Personal, Gold, Platinum, Business and Corporate
             Card, interest and penalty charge for American Express Credit Card and EPP interest
     5.1.4 Tax refunds transactions
     5.1.5 Collection fee and returned check fee
     5.1.6 The points top up payment
For Extended Payment Plan (EPP), the Points shall be applied toward the total principal amount at the time the EPP transaction is
entered into.
5.2 From time to time, Amex may offer campaigns which allow Cardmembers to earn Points faster. The coverage of the campaigns,
privileges and eligibility criteria shall be subject to Amex.
5.3 Adjustments to reduce the Points in the Program Account will be made:
     5.3.1 if there are any credits posted to a Primary or Linked Account including those arising from returned goods or services or
             from billing disputes.
     5.3.2 where a Cardmember who received points with respect to goods or services later receive a cash indemnity for said goods
             or services under the purchase protection plan and travel inconvenience coverage plan
If the Cardmember has already redeemed the Points, Amex may make adjustments to points accrued by the Cardmember at a future date.
5.4 Points accrued in a Program Account are not the property of the Cardmember and are non-transferable, whether by operation
of law or otherwise, either to any other person or entity or Program Account.
5.5 Points accrued in the Program Account have no cash or monetary value.
5.6 There is no expiry date for Points earned under both Membership Rewards PLUS Option and Membership Rewards basic Option.
5.7 Points never expired as long as Cardmembers are current Cardsmembers and not in default of any terms and conditions of
American Express Cardmembership.
5.8 Each purchase is rounded down to the nearest Thai Baht then multiplied separately by each applicable earn rate to determine
the number of points awarded. However, only full points will be earned. We will disregard and not accumulate a fraction of a point.

6. Notice of Accumulated Points
Amex will notify the number of Points earned and accumulated during any statement period to Cardmembers in the monthly statements
of the Primary Account.

7. Points Redemption
7.1 Points may be converted or redeemed provided that all Primary and Linked Accounts are in good standing at the time of the
redemption request. Cardmember shall contact Amex and request for Points redemption according to the procedure as prescribed
by Amex from time to time.
7.2 Points accrued in the Program Account can only be redeemed by the Cardmember.
7.3 Cardmember shall release Amex, its subsidiaries and affiliates from any and all liability regarding the use of any rewards.
Any dispute concerning rewards shall be settled between the Cardmember and the service establishment and/or supplier which
supplied the rewards. Amex shall bear no responsibility for resolving such disputes, or for the dispute itself
7.4 Redeemed rewards are not exchangeable for other rewards, refundable, replaceable, or transferable for cash or credit under
any circumstances.
7.5 Once accrued Points in a Program Account have been redeemed for any rewards in the Program including a transfer of Points
to a Frequent Traveler Rewards, such Points cannot be transferred back into the Program Account.
7.6 Information supplied on the redemption of certain rewards may be used by Amex or the service establishments that provide
the rewards for administrative and marketing purposes.
7.7 Amex reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute the rewards or the rewards conditions at any time with or without notice.

8. Redeeming Membership Rewards basic and Membership Rewards PLUS Option Rewards
8.1 All Membership Rewards basic and Membership Rewards PLUS rewards are subject to availability and certain restrictions may apply.
The redemption procedure and the terms & conditions of each reward are set forth in the rewards voucher issued to the Cardmembers.
8.2 Unless otherwise specified, the shopping reward in the form of a privilege card or cash voucher cannot be used in association with
other special offers offered by the service establishment or during sales.
8.3 Issuance of dining, travel or hotel rewards voucher does not constitute a reservation. The rewards voucher holder is responsible
for making all reservations and notifying the participating service establishment of the reward(s) they are going to redeem.
8.4 Other American Express Card benefits, e.g. the Purchase Protection Plan, which are activated by Card use do not apply to goods
or services received as rewards under the Program.

9. Redeeming Frequent Traveler Rewards
9.1 Points may be converted into any one or more participating Frequent Customer Programs.
9.2 To convert accrued Points to any participating Frequent Customer Programs the Cardmember must first join or be a member of
the applicable Program. Enrollment in such program is the Cardmember's responsibility.
9.3 The conversion rates for Points into participating Frequent Customer Programs, minimum Points transfers and incremental transfers
vary among participating Frequent Customer Programs and details are communicated on a regular basis. In any event Cardmembers
should telephone the Membership Rewards Customer Service number for up to date details.
9.4 Cardmembers are subject to and must comply with the terms and conditions applying to each participating Frequent Customer
Program in which they are enrolled.
9.5 American Express assumes no responsibility for Points converted from a Cardmember's Program Account into a participating
Frequent Customer Program or for the actions of any participating airline and hotel in connection with its Frequent Customer Program
or otherwise.
9.6 Redemption of any Frequent Customer Programs may take approximately 2 – 3 weeks. Cardmembers wishing to travel using
the said Frequent Customer Programs should allow sometime for Points transfer.
9.7 Any airline's or hotel's participation in the Program is subject to change with or without notice.
9.8 American Express Card travel insurance and benefits, including but not limited to those listed below, will not apply to flights
taken with frequent flyer tickets, including frequent flyer tickets obtained by using Points converted from a Program Account.
Cardmember insurance and travel benefit programs expressly offering an option for frequent flyer ticket coverage are an exception
to the foregoing, but only if the Cardmember has enrolled in such and has paid the fee for, and otherwise complied with the terms
and conditions of the particular program.

10. Program Account
10.1 If you cancel your American Express Card Account(s) but keep at least one American Express Card Account open and in good
standing, you have to redeem any points earned from your cancelled Card Account(s) immediately after cancellation in the case
that point earning rate is difference between the cancelled Card Account and the retained Card Account.
10.2 If you cancel all of your Card Account(s), any points earned from your cancelled Card Account(s) need to be redeemed
immediately after cancellation
10.3 If for any reason we cancel your Card Accounts according to Card's terms and conditions, we reserve the right to suspend
your Program Account.
10.4 If payment for any Card Account is overdue, your Program Account will be suspended. You will not be allowed to redeem points
accrued in the Program Account until all Card Accounts are in good standing.
10.5 If the Cardmember reinstates any Card Account(s), or if American Express reinstates the Linked Account(s) at any point of time,
any Points accrued in the Cardmember's previous Program Account will not be transferred to the new Program Account.

11. General Terms and Conditions
11.1 Amex assumes no responsibility for any loss of whatever nature resulting from the redemption of either Frequent Traveler Option
or Non-Frequent Traveler Option Rewards. Any tax liability arising from the redemption of rewards is the sole responsibility of the
Cardmember. American Express makes no warranty or representation in relation to such tax liability and therefore assumes no
11.2 Amex can suspend or terminate the Program at any time it deems necessary. In such case, Amex shall give advance written
notice to the Cardmember.
11.3 Amex reserves the right to change this Membership Rewards Program terms and conditions at any time by giving the Member
30-day advance notice before effective date.
11.4 Fraud and abuse relating to the earning of Points in the Program or redemption of Rewards including transfer of Points to
participating Frequent Customer Programs, may result in forfeiture of accrued Points as well as cancellation of the Program.
11.5 All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the Program or the eligibility of Points for accrual or redemption of rewards
including transfer of Points to a participating Frequent Customer Program, will be resolved by Amex.
11.6 The Program Account is not transferable.
11.7 Amex's failure to enforce a particular Term and Condition does not constitute a waiver of that Term or Condition by Amex.
11.8 If there is any difference between the English language text of these Terms and Conditions and the Thai language text,
the English language text should for all purposes be considered definitive.
11.9 These Membership Reward Terms and conditions supplement the Main Agreements. In the event that any provisions in these
Membership Reward Terms and conditions are inconsistent with the Main Agreements, the provisions in these Membership Reward
Terms and conditions shall prevail for purposes of your participation in the program.

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