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Find out what is in your Annual Statement

Example statement

Customer Service: 1234 5678 9012

American Express
Service Europe Ltd.
Department 871
Brighton, BN88 1AH

Annual Credit Card Statement

Name Membership Number
Cardmember name 1234-567890-12345
Address Statement Date
Address 1
Address 2
1 January 2012
For the period
1 January 2011 to 31 December 2011

How you have used your card

Total Spending £5,014.12
Total Interest £124.78
Total Fees & Charges £8.00
Total Amount Repaid £5,079.32

Breakdown by category

Purchases Transactions £5,014.12
Interest £124.78
Cash Advances Received £0.00
Interest £0.00
Fees & Charges £0.00
Balance Transfers Transferred £0.00
Interest £0.00
Fees & Charges £0.00

Fees & Charges

Annual Membership Fees   £0.00
Default Fees & Charges Missed/Late Payments £0.00
Overlimit £0.00
Returned Payment £0.00
Charges for Foreign Currency Transactions   £5.00
Other Fees   £3.00

For further information on your annual statement please see


Use your mouse to roll over the parts of the statement to get more information.

The Annual Statement is a summary of activity on your American Express account over the last anniversary year. This has been produced within the regulatory requirements of the UK Cards Association.


Statement Legend

For the period

This covers 12 months from the anniversary date of this account.

How you have used your card

This section breaks down the transactions on this account by annual spend, interest, fees and charges and amount repaid.

Total Spending: Total of spend across all categories.

Total Interest: Total amount of interest applied to this account.

Total Fees & Charges: Total amount of Fees & Charges applied to this account. Please refer to your Terms and Conditions for details of interest, fees and charges applicable to this account.

Breakdown by category

Spend is broken down by category


  • Total of spend on purchases of goods and/or services
  • Interest incurred on these transactions

Cash Advances: If we agree, you may also use your account to obtain cash advances. If we do then the total amount withdrawn will be displayed here along with Interest, Fees & Charges applied to Cash Advances.

Balance Transfers: If you have an existing Balance Transfer on your American Express account this Balance Transfer section will appear. It will show the total amount of any Balances Transferred during the period advised above, along with the Interest, Fees and Charges that you have incurred during your anniversary year.

Fees & Charges

Total amount of Fees & Charges applied to this account. Please refer to your Terms and Conditions for details of Fees & Charges applicable to this account.

Annual Membership Fees:
If your account has an Annual Membership fee it will be displayed here.

Default Fees & Charges:

  • Total amount of late payment fees will be displayed here. A Late Payment Fee is payable each month if we have not received the minimum payment by the due date.
  • Total amount of Overlimit fees will be displayed here. If the balance on your account goes over the credit limit at any time during the statement period an overlimit fee will be charged to your account.
  • Total amount of Returned Payment Fees will be displayed here. A Returned Payment Fee is payable if any payment to your account is not honoured by your financial institution when first presented for any reason.

Charges for Foreign Currency Transactions:
Total amount of charges for transactions not in Pounds Sterling will be displayed here. Please refer to your Terms and Conditions for details of charges on Foreign Currency transactions applicable to this account.