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Effortless payments, extraordinary rewards...

...American Express with
Apple Pay


Introducing Apple Pay


It's quick and simple to pay with your mobile device - just one touch, and you're done.

Find out more about making everyday purchases with your Apple device.  





How to set up Apple Pay


Step 1


Open the wallet app on your iPhone

Step 2


Tap the + sign to add your American Express Card

Step 3


Follow the one-screen instructions, and you're ready to go!


How to use Apple Pay


Step 1


Hold your phone up to a contactless reader (no need to wake your phone or open the app)


Step 2


Use Touch or Face ID to verify it's you


Step 3


Wait for your payment to be authorised with a vibration or a beep. That’s it!



To make an in-app purchase, select the ‘Apple Pay’ button on the checkout screen. Find out how to pay using your Card on other Apple devices.




Where can you use American Express with Apple Pay


You can use Apple Pay at thousands of places that welcome American Express contactless payments, either in-store or in-app.











Mobile wallet security


Making mobile payments with your American Express Card is completely secure. Apple Pay provides an extra layer of

protection, as no one can make a transaction with your device without your secure authorisation.   


Your Card details are never stored on your device, and like all payments made using your Card, your mobile payments are

covered by our Fraud Protection Guarantee. 



Outstanding rewards and customer service


Whether you use your Card or Apple Pay, expect the same great rewards and world-class customer service – whenever or wherever you need us.




Still have questions? Check out our Apple Pay FAQs and view important information.




Amex app


 With the Amex App, you can easily manage

your Account, view transactions and access 

our latest Offers through your device.





Not a Cardmember yet?


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