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American Express® with Samsung Pay

Discover how to make contactless payments using your American Express Card with Samsung Pay


Introducing Samsung Pay


Samsung Pay is a simple, secure and convenient way to make mobile payments and is welcomed anywhere that accepts

American Express contactless payments.


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How to set up Samsung Pay


Step 1:


Download the Samsung Pay app



Step 2:



Open the Samsung Pay app and sign in with your Samsung ID




Step 3:


Scan your Card with the device

camera, or manually enter the Card


Step 4:

Confirm your billing address for your

American Express Card, then follow

the on-screen instructions



Step 5:


We may ask you to enter a one-time

Verification Code to confirm your





For more information on getting Samsung Pay or a Samsung ID, visit Samsung.com


How to use Samsung Pay

Step 1:


Swipe up from the bottom of your screen

to launch the Samsung Pay



Step 2:


Authorise your transaction with your biometric
identifiers (i.e. fingerprint, iris or face) or Samsung Pay PIN. 


Step 3:


Hover your device close to the Card reader

and wait for the beep  -that's it.



To make an in-app purchase, select the 'Samsung Pay' button on the checkout screen.



Using Samsung Pay with a Samsung Smartwatch device

Step 1:


Enter your Samsung Smartwatch

PIN if prompted



Step 2:


Press and hold the back key until the

pay button appears




Step 3:


Select your American Express Card

(if you have more than one registered Card)

Step 4:


Press the pay button



Step 5:


Hold the device near the contactless reader

and wait for the beep




Where you can use American Express with Samsung Pay



Just look for the Samsung Pay or contactless symbol at the checkout in-store, when you shop anywhere that

accepts American Express contactless payments. 






wireless pay icon

Use in stores where the contactless logo is displayed, including: 



Mobile wallet security


Making mobile payments with your American Express Card is completely secure. Samsung Pay provides an extra layer of protection as no one can make a transaction with your device without your secure authorisation. 


Your Card details are never stored on your device, and like all payments made using your Card, your mobile payments are covered by our Fraud Protection Guarantee.



Outstanding rewards and customer service


Whether you use your Card or Samsung Pay, expect the same great rewards and world-classcustomer service – whenever or wherever you need us.





Amex app


 With the Amex App, you can easily manage

your Account, view transactions and access 

our latest Offers through your device.





Not a Cardmember yet?


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with world-class service and great benefits –

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