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Crafted Journeys 

Explore. Experience. Indulge.

Crafted Journeys from Platinum is here to create the travel experiences you may only have dreamed of – and to inspire new ones yet to be imagined. Working with local experts across the world, it’s our mission to put you at the beating heart of each destination, helping to create remarkable moments to cherish forever. Crafted Journeys takes personal dreams and helps to make them a treasured reality. Our hand-picked partners bring the local insights, the inside knowledge, the authenticity and the practical know-how that make up exceptional travel experiences. Bringing you closer, taking you deeper, exploring further, with Crafted Journeys the possibilities are almost endless. 



Your unique journey begins with a single phone call. To bring your dreams alive or to transform your next trip into an unforgettable voyage of discovery, contact your Platinum Travel Service today on 0800 917 8054