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American Express® Early Pay: Digital Supply Chain Finance Solution

Extend cash on hand for buyers — and your suppliers.

Unlock additional working capital when you pay suppliers early using funds from American Express, and strengthen your supply chain relationship by offering faster access to cash.

Early Pay for Buyers

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Help improve cash flow for your company and your suppliers with a Digital Supply Chain Finance solution that allows you to use American Express funds to pay suppliers early and keep your original Days Payable Outstanding.

How it works for buyers

The Early Pay Digital Supply Chain Finance Solution: Benefits for Buyers

Generate working capital

Facilitate early payments that can help increase liquidity for your company and suppliers, while you maintain or extend DPO at no additional cost.

Easily onboard suppliers

Reach more of your suppliers through quick and easy supplier enablement. Suppliers can use Early Pay even if they don’t typically accept American Express.

Strengthen supply chain relationships

Early Pay provides an on-demand working capital tool that makes it easy for suppliers to get paid early in exchange for a discount.



American Express sends early payment offers on approved invoices to eligible suppliers via email and the Early Pay supplier platform.



Your supplier chooses from among offered dates for early payment with a corresponding discount.1



American Express pays your supplierdirectly into their bank account2 within three (3) business days.



Reimburse American Express as part of your monthly Billing Statement.

Early Pay for Suppliers

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Early Pay is an on-demand working capital tool you can use whenever your business requires additional funding. Retain full control of your invoices while getting paid sooner on eligible invoices for an applicable discount.

How it works for suppliers

The Early Pay Digital Supply Chain Finance Solution: Benefits for Suppliers

Quickly access working capital

Receive payments on your date of choice, and take advantage of having the influx of cash.2

Be prepared for the unexpected

Have the option of a financial back-up plan for seasonal cash-flow issues or unexpected emergencies.

Enable business growth

Consider investment opportunities that will fuel the health and growth of your business.

Use with minimal requirements

It’s easy to get started, and you can participate even if you don’t accept American Express.

How it works for suppliers


View offer

When your customer approves an invoice, you’ll receive an email containing an offer of early payment in exchange for a discount.



You can opt into the early payment date and discount offered in the email, or create an Account to choose from multiple early payment dates with corresponding discounts.1


Get paid early

American Express will deposit your payment into your bank account within three (3) business days. You do not need to accept American Express to receive payment.


Customize your payments

If you've created an Early Pay Account, you can select your early payment date on an invoice-to-invoice basis or sign up to have all eligible invoices paid early.

Reach out for more information

Email us at our dedicated team at for further information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Important Information

1. Discount will vary based on early payment date selected, supplier creditworthiness and other factors.


2. When American Express funds early payments, offers and subsequent payments are subject to a funding limit.


3. Suppliers decide if they accept early payment offers, and take a discount on their invoice amount if they accept the offer. Economic benefit generated for Buyers depends on this, discount amount and funding arrangement with American Express.