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Case Study: Optimising Working Capital


Westcoast is a wholesaler for the computer industry’s household name brand products, from tablets to telephones, monitors to MP3 players. Most of the printer and toner cartridges sold in UK shops are likely to have come via Westcoast. Their customers represent many different…

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Case Study: How having flexible cashflow allowed this business to invest in their most valuable asset.



Founder Kate Peach is passionate about childcare and cites a significant agency fee to find a new nursery manager in 2015 with enabling her to…

Article: Why Do You Need A Foreign Exchange Risk Management Strategy?


Foreign exchange (FX) risk is an intrinsic part of doing international business. The values of major currencies constantly fluctuate…


Article: The Rise and Fall of the Bretton Woods Fixed Exchange Rate System


Today’s international businesses grapple with a complex and volatile foreign exchange environment, as currency exchange rates constantly…..

Article: Doing Business in China and Managing Foreign Exchange Risk


The rise of the Chinese middle class as a major consumer potentially provides a very lucrative market for exporters into China. By 2030, an….


Case Study: Faster Payments



Companies seeking to accelerate growth tend to look to outside sources for funding. Overdrafts, loans, and venture capital can be the first ports of call. But what if there…..

Infographic: International Payments shouldn’t get in the way of international business.

See how using American Express for all your International Payments needs can help you save time and money, reduce risk and improve business relationships. 

Article: New global opportunities for trade


The UK remains a uniquely connected major economy, and the future looks bright for the country's trade activity; 39% of UK ….


Article: U.K.-India International Trade



India’s is the fastest-growing large economy in the world, with a rising middle class that can make it increasingly attractive to British exporters…..

Case Study: Optimising Working Capital


Westcoast is a wholesaler for the computer industry’s household name brand products, from tablets to telephones, monitors to MP3 players. Most…

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Article: Reap the benefit of a sensible expenses system


Leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have a lot to handle in running their companies, from managing talent and generating new…



Article: How a dog food subscription business helped create the taste of success

For David Nolan, co-founder of subscription dog food business Butternut Box, it took a rescue dog with food allergies to inspire…



Article: The sweet smell of success: how a small business grew into a high-end brand

Joseph Colson and his co-founder Ollie Rendell started the Naked Marshmallow Company back in 2014 while sitting at Ollie’s mum’s kitchen….



Article: Creating a recipe for business success


Giles Humphries started healthy-recipe-box Company the Mindful Chef in October 2015, after he and former school friends decided to combine a…..



Article: Success for BorrowMyDoggy was a walk in the park


Some of the best ideas have come while taking the dog for a walk. Rikke Rosenlund came up with the concept of BorrowMyDoggy in 2012 when she was….

Article: If the shoe fits…



When they started their shoe company Butterfly Twists, the four men behind it had little experience in the world of fashion ….


Article: There's nothing fishy about No1 Cromer's sucess 


For some of the finest seafood on the English coast, head to Norfolk. One restaurant making waves by the seaside is the appropriately named No 1… 

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Article: Online architecture: building a model place to work by design


When I started Resi, the UK’s first online architectural service, with my business partner Jules Coleman, we used the lessons learnt from a previous venture and thought about how we could not only make a great business....




Case Study: What a webhosting company considers the best money they ever spent.


Paul Redpath set up his first business at the age of 15 alongside studying and by the time he graduated, Catalyst 2 was up and running. Paul believes his best investment was his first member......

Case Study:A pioneer in the Internet of Things, launched the world’s first wi-fi kettle

Starting Smarter with a vision for an affordable connected home, Christian Lane invested £100 in creating a working prototype iKettle. A.....

Case Study: Membership Rewards points brought this tech business closer to their international customers.

Founded by David Mytton in 2009, Server Density was borne out of a business problem David encountered while running another business. The.....

Video: Performance Horizon makes hassle free payments


Performance Horizon, enables brands to directly connect with their marketing partners to dramatically increase customer acquisition and drive high.....

Case Study: Helping Healing Holidays Extend Their Global Reach


Healing Holidays is a leading UK independent wellness and spa specialist, providing their clients with exclusive, holistic experiences across the globe. As the industry has grown, so too has the number of countries that Healing Holidays operates in, with packages available from Mexico to Mauritius.....

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Article: When the right financial tools make good business sense


The UK’s SMEs are optimistic about the global economy and their role in it – and it’s evident that they are going back to basics to unlock ambitious growth over the next 12 months, according to new research from American Express and Oxford Economics*.....

Case Study: How a manufacturer used flexible payment terms to invest in marketing.


As a start-up competing for business with established uniform suppliers, Emma Rees invested early in creating a strong brand identify for Uniforms2Go. Leveraging the identity online, in marketing and in-store, Emma credits the branding as helping establish Uniforms2Go as a credible business that now supplies...

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