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Centurion members have been very impressed with the level of service offered by the new Centurion Motor and Home service.

The motor team has helped members find the car of their dreams. For example, one member wanted a Peugeot 807, which was found in Scotland and transported to Liverpool for leather upholstery and a DVD player with screens to be fitted. It was then delivered, exactly to the member’s specifications.

Our knowledgeable home concierge service has already sourced the right people for loft conversions and interior design projects. They’ve also efficiently dealt with plumbing and electricity emergencies for members.

Recently, Centurion saved one member a hefty repair bill when the electrician we sent found a fault that didn’t originate in the member’s apartment. This meant the landlord had to pay the costly repair.

When you need help with your home or vehicle, place your request with the Centurion Motor and Home service by calling 0808 100 50 50 or email Centurionuk@aexp.com


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