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About Android Pay

Tell me about Android Pay and how I can use it as an American Express Cardmember

  • Android Pay is a way to make contactless payments using your compatible Android device
  • You can now use an eligible American Express Card with Android Pay to pay for goods at retailers that accept American Express contactless payments
  • As an American Express Cardmember, you can also get these features in Android Pay:
    • Real-time notifications and details about your purchases with your Card in Android Pay
    • Seamless connection with the Amex app for enhanced account monitoring, servicing on the go and access to rewards and offers
  • See how to add your Card now.

Which American Express Cards are eligible for Android Pay?

  • An eligible Card is an active UK American Express issued Personal or Small Business Credit or Charge Card, or an American Express Corporate Card
  • Your current Card does not need to be contactless in order to use Android Pay
  • American Express Pre-paid Cards, Virtual Accounts, Corporate Purchasing Cards, International Currency Cards and Meeting Cards are not eligible
  • See how to add your Card now.

Which devices are eligible for Android Pay?

  • In order to use Android Pay, you need to have an NFC-enabled Android device running Kit Kat 4.4 or above and the Android Pay app. To download the Android Pay app or to check if your device is compatible with Android Pay, visit the Google Play Store. The Near Field Communication (NFC) is the technology which allows your Smartphone to communicate with the terminal at any Merchant accepting contactless transactions.
  • In order to use Android Pay, you must agree to Android’s terms of use and privacy policy. American Express has no control over Android’s decisions to change Android Pay or any of its services, products or software.

Do you share my Card Account number or other information with Android?

  • We will never share your Card Account information with Google
  • To deliver the best Android Pay experience to you, we will display some Account information on your device (for each American Express Card you have selected to use.)
  • This information will include recent purchases on each Card you are using. We always use your information in accordance with the American Express Online Privacy Statement
  • To understand which personal information Google will have access to once you register your Card you can find out more by reading Google’s Privacy Policy.

How secure is an Android Pay transaction?

  • Your Card in Android Pay is protected by your secure Android device lock - pin, password or pattern. For your security, when you make a purchase using Android Pay, you must unlock your device using device lock.
  • All of your payment information will be encrypted with SSL (secure socket layer) technology and stored on secure servers.
  • Your plastic Card details are never shown in the app or shared with the merchant when you make payments in store.

Can anyone else pay for goods and services using my device?

  • Any person with your device PIN, password, pattern or a fingerprint registered to your device will be able to authorise transactions using your Card in Android Pay
  • You must keep your device safe and secure, and your device PIN, password and pattern secret. Do not let anyone else, including family members, have their fingerprint registered to your device while your Card is registered with it
  • Refer to the security settings on your device for further information.

What are the Terms and Conditions to use Android Pay

Your American Express Cardmember Agreement governs the use of your American Express Card in Android Pay. However, you are required to accept the "important information" displayed when you set up your American Express Card into Android Pay.

How to set up

How do I add my Card to Android Pay to use it for payments?

  • It’s simple to add your Card to your compatible Android device
    1. Open the Android Pay app on your device and tap the “+” sign. (If you do not have the app, you can download it from the Google Play Store.)
    2. Either choose to add the Card you already have added to your Google account or
    3. Add your Card manually by entering your Card information or taking a picture of your Card.
    4. Enter your Security Code (the 4 digit number on the front of your Card) and accept the American Express Terms of Use for Android Pay. (You will also need to accept Google Payments’ own terms and conditions which you can find here
  • Important information: When adding your Card to Android Pay you’ll see a £1 in your AMEX app, on your online statement or via notification. This verifies the card is valid but will not get charged to your account.

How do I set American Express as my default Card?

  • The first Card you add to your compatible Android device is automatically set as default for all Android Pay transactions
  • To make American Express your default Card, you can drag and drop the selected Card to the default spot on the screen
  • See how to make a payment with Android Pay now

What is a Security Code and why is it required?

  • The Security Code for your American Express Card is the 4 digit, non-embossed number printed above your Card Account number on the front of your physical Card
  • For security reasons, you will be required to enter your Security Code when adding your Card to Android Pay.

I was sent a one-time Verification Code. What is this and why is it required?

  • For security purposes, when adding your Card to Android Pay we may ask you to enter a one-time Verification Code to confirm your identity
  • This code is a unique series of numbers and/or letters that you can choose to receive by email or text during the set-up process
  • Please note that you will need a working Internet and/or data connection to receive a one-time Verification Code.
  • Your one-time Verification Code may expire if you aren’t able to enter it within 10 minutes. You can request another code by selecting your preferred verification option again.
  • If you opted to receive your one-time Verification Code by email but can’t find it in your inbox, please check your ‘Junk’ folder before requesting a new one
  • If you are unable to get a one-time Verification Code, please contact American Express Customer Care.

Can I load more than one Card or use my Card on more than one Android device?

  • American Express allows a maximum of 6 Cards on one device
  • You can also add your Card to a maximum of 3 eligible Android devices – you will need to set it up on each device.

Can I use my Card with multiple Google accounts?

  • Yes. American Express allows you to add your eligible American Express Card to 2 unique Google accounts.

Using Android Pay Back To Top

Where can I use Android Pay?

  • In-store
  • You can use Android Pay to make payments with your compatible Android device wherever American Express contactless payments are accepted
  • Just look for the contactless and/or Android Pay symbol at checkout.



  • In-app
  • You can also use Android Pay in participating merchant apps with supported devices
  • Look for the “Buy with Android Pay” button at checkout within the apps.


How does Android Pay work?

  • In-store
  • - To make a purchase, wake up the device and hold it near the contactless reader until your device beeps or vibrates and a checkmark appears on the screen indicating your purchase is complete. You may be prompted to unlock the device first by providing your PIN, passcode, pattern or fingerprint.
  • In-app       
  • - To make an in-app purchase, select the “Android Pay” button when you reach the checkout screen.

Do I need to have an active internet connection for Android Pay to work?

  • There is a limited number of transactions permitted during a period without internet access, after which your device will need an internet connection to make additional authorizations
  • You will also need an active internet connection to activate the app or add a new Card.

How much can I spend in an Android Pay transaction?

  • At many retailers you can make Android Pay transactions up to £30 (where American Express contactless is accepted.)
  • Some retailers may still only accept up to £20, whilst others may choose to allow purchases of greater than £30 specifically on Android Pay transactions.
  • Please check in-store for details.

Do I still get the rewards I get with my Card when I use Android Pay?

  • Yes, you receive all of the same rewards, security and benefits of your American Express Card when you use it with Android Pay
  • Please visit your Card Account or the Amex app to see your individual Card benefits

Can I take advantage of Amex Offers using Android Pay?

  • Yes, if you enrol your Card at for specific offers at merchants that accept American Express contactless payments, you can make qualifying purchases using Android Pay that will be eligible for the offers
  • To learn more about enroling in eligible offers, please visit

What is a Virtual Account Number and how is it different from my Card Account number?

  • We will never share your Card Account information with Google
  • When you add your American Express Card to Android Pay a Virtual Account Number is created which is different to your Card number and unique to your device
  • Your Virtual Account Number is used to make purchases with your Card using Android Pay
  • You can find your Virtual Account Number by tapping on your Card in the Android Pay app and scrolling down to your Card details.

How do I get a refund for something I purchased with Android Pay?

  • If you have returned an item purchased via Android Pay the retailer may ask you to provide the last four digits of your Virtual Account number
  • You can find your Virtual Account Number by tapping on your Card in the Android Pay app and scrolling down to your Card details.

I’m having a problem with my device’s software or hardware. What should I do?

  • If you are having difficulty with your software or hardware, please visit Android Pay Help Centre for advice
  • American Express has no control over Android’s decisions to change Android Pay or any of its services, products or software.

Are there any costs associated with using Android Pay?

American Express will not charge you for using Android Pay. Using Android Pay might require an internet connection so you should check with your mobile phone provider directly to determine if there is a cost associated with your internet service

Managing your Card Back To Top

How do I view and manage my Card in Android Pay?

  • You can view and manage your Cards in the Android Pay app. When you tap on your Card, scroll down to view your Card details including transactions and your Virtual Account Number. You also have the ability to remove your Card from the device.

If I receive a replacement Card, do I need to update my Card information with Android Pay?

  • No, your Virtual Account Number is connected to your new Card number automatically
  • You can use your Card in Android Pay to make transactions before receiving your new physical Card

Once I add my Card, how can I remove Cards from my device?

  • You can remove your Card by tapping your Card in the Android Pay app and selecting "Remove Card" at the bottom of the screen.

My device has been lost or stolen and I want to delete or suspend my Card. What should I do?

  • If you believe your device or Android Pay Card information has been lost, stolen or compromised in any way, call us immediately.

Managing your transactions Back To Top

What transactions will appear in Android Pay and how are they different to my statement?

  • You will see all your purchases in the ‘Transaction Display’ of your Card in Android Pay
  • The purchases you see will be from using your Card through Android Pay, instead of through using your physical Card
  • You can turn ‘Transaction Display’ off from Settings > Notifications > Toggle off
  • For all official statement information, please refer to your online Card Account, or the Amex app.

How will an Android Pay transaction appear on my American Express statement?

  • Android Pay transactions will appear on online statements as Android Pay transactions and on paper statements as standard transactions
  • On the Amex app, you will be able to expand the selected transaction and see that it was made via Android Pay
  • We are always looking at ways to improve our online service and the detail we make available to you.

Why do some transaction amounts differ between Android Pay and my online Account?

  • For some transactions, Android Pay may show a pre-authorization amount, rather than the amount the merchant actually charged
  • An example of this is if a hotel pre-authorizes your Account for £100. The hotel may then only charge your Card £50 for the services you used during your stay, which will reflect in your online Account transactions as £50, however, Android Pay will always show the £100 amount
  • If you see a transaction in Android Pay that is higher than you expected, like in the example above, please check your online Account or the Amex App for the correct amount.

What if I don’t recognise a charge?

  • Occasionally, something might appear on your statement that you disagree with or want to query. Just contact us and we’ll get on the case to help resolve the charge in question
  • For more information about the security of using your American Express Card Account, please visit our Safe and Secure page on our website.