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American Express® with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a new way to pay in-store1 with an iPhone 6, 6S or Apple Watch, and the exciting news is you can use it with your eligible2 American Express Card. Plus you can use Apple Pay for in-app purchases on your eligible iPhone or iPad.3

Protection and rewards at your fingertip? Simple

On top of Apple Pay’s fingerprint recognition, you’ll also have the trusted security you already enjoy with American Express. This means that, as with every purchase you make, we’ll be constantly looking out for anything odd in your spending patterns.

And by making your American Express Card your preferred Apple Pay card, you’ll find earning the rewards you enjoy has never been easier.

Adding your Card to Apple Pay? Simple

It couldn’t be simpler to add your eligible American Express Card with Apple Pay. Just follow these easy steps to add your Card to an iPhone (requires iOS 8.3 or higher):


Open the ‘Wallet’ app
on your iPhone.


Tap the + sign to add your
American Express Card.


And then follow the onscreen

Hold your iPhone up to a contactless
reader (you don’t even have to wake
your phone or open an app).

Place your finger on Touch ID to verify
it’s you.

Wait for your payment to be
authorised with a vibration or
a beep. That’s it.

Find out how to pay using your Card on other Apple devices

You’re good to go

Once you’ve added your Card you can use it with Apple Pay at thousands of places that welcome American Express contactless,
including the following high street stores:

For more information about American Express on Apple Pay, see our FAQs

Important Information for your use of Apple Pay with American Express

It’s also now even easier to manage your Account and make the most of your rewards, whether you’re at home or on the go with the American Express mobile app. Don’t miss out, visit the App Store and download the Amex App now.

Terms and Conditions

1.For purchases of up to £30 at stores accepting American Express contactless. Some retailers may still only accept up to the previous £20 limit, whilst others may choose to allow purchases of greater than £30 specifically on Apple Pay transactions. Please check in-store for details.

2.An eligible Card is an active UK American Express issued Personal, Small Business Credit, Charge Card or Corporate Cards. American Express Pre-paid Cards are not eligible. Your current Card does not need to be contactless in order to use Apple Pay.

3.Minimum iOS version 9.2 required, available for eligible iPhones and iPads. For a full list of eligible devices, please visit the Apple website.

Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. Apple Pay and Touch ID are
trademarks of Apple Inc.

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