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American Express FX International Payments has facilitated sending and receiving payments from overseas suppliers and streamlined cash flow management for Briztech.

American Express FX International Payments Paves The Way For Briztech’s SuccessVIDEO

Briztech Ltd. Is an international retailer of Virtual Reality Headsets made of cardboard. These headsets are affordable and can be easily branded, thereby making them popular.

Owen Carter, Executive Chairman – Briztech Ltd. is keen on tapping the potentially lucrative market for virtual reality headsets worldwide. As a small business, the employees at Briztech Ltd. handle multiple responsibilities. In the absence of a dedicated accounts department, they rely heavily on international payments solutions from American Express FX International Payments for making and receiving overseas payments.

They have been able to streamline their international payments process with ease and make frictionless payments to their overseas suppliers. Receiving payments from clients has also been swift and easy leading to comfortable a cash flow.

A Dedicated Account Manager from American Express FX International Payments has helped Briztech Ltd. focus on their core business, work on new products and expand their business in new areas. Watch this video to see Briztech’s success story.

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