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Frequently asked questions

What payment methods are available for ordering? 
American Express accepts the American Express Corporate Card and Direct Debit as preferred
methods of payment. We also have the ability to accept all other major corporate cards. By using
the American Express Corporate Card, you will be able to take advantage of the Descriptive Billing
facility, providing additional reporting and benefits.

How much are postage charges?
The delivery charge for the postal service by Royal Mail Special Delivery is a £5.00 flat fee,
although this fee will be waived on all orders over £1,000.

How quickly will my order be delivered?
The American Express Corporate Foreign Exchange service offers a same day courier delivery
service within Central London and a next working day delivery by 1.00pm utilising the Royal Mail
Delivery Service to the rest of the UK.

What controls do I have on my staff ordering?
One feature of our service is the ability to create pre-determined limits for foreign exchange cash
orders for various individuals within a client’s business. This includes issuing secure individual
access user ID's and passwords for employees.

How does descriptive billing work?
American Express offers an informative descriptive billing service when using the American
Express Corporate Card. When receiving your American Express Corporate Card statement, the
Foreign Exchange purchase will have extra details including Traveller Name, Trip Number, Amount
of Currency Purchased and Exchange Rate. Descriptive Billing enables simple reconciliation of
your travel expenditure.
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