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What are point-of-purchase materials?

Promotional items which clearly let your customers know American Express Cards are welcome by your business. Things like door stickers, window stickers, regional and industry specific window stickers, open/closed signs, bill holders and logos you can use online.

We offer an extensive range of complimentary point-of-purchase materials to help open up your business to American Express Cardmembers who look out for our logo.

Display them clearly, it could mean the difference between a Cardmember walking through your door, or walking on by.

Already a merchant?

To order your point-of-purchase materials, visit the Merchant Dashboard or the web store

Please note:

  1. You may only use American Express logos and point-of-purchase materials if you have a valid Card Acceptance Agreement with American Express.
  2. If you want to use any American Express trademarks, signs, symbols, or logos in your advertising, please write to us for permission at American Express Payment Services Limited, Merchant Services, Point-of-Purchase, PO Box 72, Amex House, Edward Street, Brighton, BN88 1YR.
  3. Please do not modify the American Express logo in any way.
  4. Where displaying the American Express logo with those of other card issuers, please ensure our logo receives at least equal prominence.
  5. All point-of-purchase materials are subject to availability.