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The American Express® Mobile App

There's lots to love
about the Amex App.

Now it’s easier than ever to manage your Account, pay your bill,
and receive great offers, whether you’re at home or on the go.

View rewards

View your rewards activity including current balance,
bonus status, points redeemed and more.

Use Points for purchases1*

1. Make an eligible purchase and charge it to your Card
2. Log in to the Amex app
3. Click on an eligible purchase and
redeem points while on the go

That’s it! A statement credit
will be applied to your
Account usually within 48 hours.

Real Time Alerts

Personalise your Amex app phone alerts to
enjoy peace of mind wherever you are:
purchase alerts2, spend limit alerts, weekly
balance updates, statement ready, and
payment due reminders.

Check your spending

View your balance, recent transactions and
activity, including pending transactions.*

View transactions

View up to six months of previous activity
and sort by credit and debit transactions.

Pay your bill

Access your Account virtually anywhere you go -
and quickly make payments.

Touch ID log in

Get quick access to your Account with the
touch of a finger on supported devices
with iOS8+.3


See your transaction information and more in
a single view. From here you can also get a
quick snapshot of your Account status.

Explore offers*

Explore selected offers for dining, shopping
and more. Simply choose the offers you like,
save them to your Card, and then redeem to
get a statement credit.

Tap and pay

Activate your Card for mobile contactless payments
with Amex Pay4 on your AndroidTM device through
the Mobile app. Once activated, simply unlock, tap
and you’re ready to pay.

Amex Pay FAQs

Terms and Conditions

1. Terms apply.

2. By turning on purchase alerts, you will receive a push notification when there is purchase activity on your Card. Purchase activity includes purchases made with your plastic Card or a mobile wallet, as well as pre-authorisations made on your Card by merchants like petrol stations and hotels, which are temporary and subject to change.

If you also have notifications for this Card enabled in a mobile wallet, you may receive more than one notification.

3. iPhone 5s and above only.

4. Amex Pay is a feature of the American Express app that allows you to make purchases using an eligible American Express Card with a compatible Android device. Your Cardmember Agreement governs the use of your Card in Amex Pay.

An eligible Card is an active UK American Express issued Personal or Small Business Credit or Charge Card, an American Express Corporate Card, or the Sterling International Currency Cards. Your current Card does not need to be contactless in order to use Amex Pay. American Express Pre-paid Cards, Virtual Accounts, Corporate Purchasing Cards, Meeting Cards, and Dollar/Euro International Currency Cards are not eligible for Amex Pay.

In order to use Amex Pay, you will need an Android device running KitKat 4.4 or above, with NFC enabled.

Amex Pay may not always be available, for example due to service interruptions or merchants using obsolete terminals. You should always carry your plastic Card in case. Amex is not liable for any loss or damage you suffer if you are unable to use Amex Pay at any time.

With Amex Pay you can spend up to £30 at stores accepting American Express contactless. Some retailers may still only accept up to the previous £20 limit, whilst others may choose to allow purchases of greater than £30 specifically on mobile contactless transactions. Please check in-store for details.

If you register your Card in Amex Pay, you must keep your device and security credentials safe and secure at all times – in the same way you would your actual Card or PIN. Never share your device security credentials or allow another person to register their fingerprint to your device, as that person will be able to make payments using your Card. If you do allow someone access, you will be responsible for their use of your card.

You must always use the device lock feature on your mobile device. For more information about safety and security visit the Amex Pay FAQs here. here.

Call us immediately using the number on the back of your Card if your device has been lost, stolen or compromised in any way. We can suspend or remove your Card from Amex Pay to prevent further unauthorised use.

* Pay with Points, Amex offers, Push Notifications, Friends Referral and pending transactions are currently not available for American Express Corporate Cardmembers.

The American Express Mobile App requirements: Minimum iOS version 7 required for iPhone app and Android version 4.1 for Android app.

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