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Travelling abroad with your Card

Looking out for you all over the world

Whether you're travelling for business or leisure you can shop with confidence knowing your Card is protected anywhere in the world. We won't stop a transaction just because it happens abroad. We have intelligent security monitoring your Account and comparing your spending against your previous purchases and thousands of other spending patterns. If there's an irregularity we'll spot it fast. So wherever you are on the planet: shop with confidence.

Emergency Card replacement

If you and your Card part company on your travels – whether through loss or theft – we'll send out a replacement to you as soon as we possibly can (often within two working days).

What’s more, if you are registered for Apple Pay or Amex Pay, we can update the Card instantly in your mobile wallet, so you can carry on spending wherever you are without delay.

Global Assist®

Your Card also comes with an invaluable 24-hour emergency helpline for you and your family wherever you are in the world*.

Our Global Assist service can help you locate lost luggage and find you a lawyer, interpreter or English-speaking doctor in a hurry. We can provide prescription replacement assistance and arrange an urgent message relay if you need to reach someone back home.

*Not all services are available in all locations and are subject to local laws. Global Assist service isn’t available for the Basic Card.

Tell us your travel plans

When you’re going abroad, let us know the countries you’ll be visiting and your travel dates in advance so we can keep an eye on your Account. If we detect spending on your Card outside the countries or dates you notified, we can take immediate steps to help stop fraud in its tracks.

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Set up security alerts to protect against fraud.

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