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Shopping protection

Shop with confidence while we keep an eye on things

90 days’ purchase protection

We know how frustrating it is to buy something and when you get home realise it's damaged. Most American Express Cards give you 90 day protection for theft or accidental damage on eligible new purchases. So if your new coat gets ripped or your new bag is stolen, we’ll reimburse you for repair, replacement or accidental damage for purchases made on your American Express Card. Terms, Conditions and exclusions apply*

90 days’ refund protection

Having trouble getting a UK retailer to give you a refund? If your retailer refuses to offer your money back on eligible items purchased with your American Express Card, we’ll refund the purchase price ourselves. Terms, Conditions and exclusions apply*

Wrong amount charged? Not your transaction? We’ll help sort it out

Occasionally, something might appear on your statement that you disagree with or want to query. Just give us a call and we’ll get on the case to help resolve the charge in question.

There could be many reasons:

• You might have cancelled the order that the transaction relates to
• There might be a charge you weren’t expecting, or a charge for a product you still haven’t received
• You may have been billed more than once for the same transaction
• You may have received an unexpected charge from American Express
• There may be a transaction recorded that you have no recollection of.

Whatever the reason, let us know by phone and we will look into it. We will then contact you to discuss your query further.

Depending on the circumstances, we’ll suspend the transaction and any interest incurred. Please note that interest relates to Credit Cards only. If the outcome is in your favour, we’ll make sure that any suspension we applied to the transaction is made permanent.

However, if the transaction is found to be valid, we will put it back in your statement. We’ll also send you all the supporting documentation validating the transaction. Terms, Conditions and exclusions apply*

Terms and Conditions

* For details of eligible items, limitations and what exclusions apply please refer to your Card’s Insurance terms - these can be located in your insurance documentation which was provided with your Card, or under ‘Read Insurance’ at the bottom of each product page.

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