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Welcome to the Help Centre

How do I access the Document Centre to send documents?

At the document Centre, personal Card Members can securely upload documents, such as proof of identification, directly to us.

How do I access the Document Centre?
Simply log in to your Online Account and you can visit the Document Centre here.

Set up an Online Account
If you don’t already have one, set up an Online Account here, by clicking on ‘Create New Online Account’. It’s quick and easy.

How do I upload a document to the Document Centre?
Once logged into the Document Centre, it’s simple to upload documents to us:

  1. Select your Card type.
  2. Select the document category ‘Dispute Support’.
  3. Enter the Reference Number you will have been given.
  4. Check the document size and specification in the ‘system requirements’ and ‘document formatting’ pop-ups.
  5. Then click the ‘Upload Documents’ button.
  6. A window will open allowing you to choose the document from your computer.
  7. Click on the document and then click ‘Open’.

Maximum file size
Maximum individual file size is 10MB, and you can upload up to 30MB in one submission.

Filing history
You can see the names of all documents you’ve uploaded to us in the last 90 days in the ‘History’ tab.
There’s also a ‘Need Help?’ button if necessary.

You can also choose to post the completed forms to:
American Express Services Europe Ltd.
FAO Department 79,
1 John Street,
East Sussex
BN88 1NH

Why do I have to provide supporting documents?
We ask for supporting documents to help us work to resolve your dispute with the retailer more quickly and in your favour.

We’re not questioning the validity of your dispute, it’s so we can help the retailer to find the facts, if they had a system crash or have missing paperwork, for example.

What else can I do at the Document Centre?
The following activities have accompanying forms that you need to complete and include as part of your upload:

  • Optional Programmes (i.e., Third Party Authorisation)
  • Direct Debit Maintenance
  • Cash Enrolment / Express Cash (Select “Other” from the drop-down options)
  • Name Change

These forms are also available in the Document Centre.

You can also download useful forms here.