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How much can I spend on the Charge Card?

No pre-set limits

There are no pre-set spending limits on the American Express® Charge Card. You can spend as much as you’ve shown us you can afford. Your spending limit is based on factors including your current spending patterns, payment history, credit record and financial resources.

Larger than usual purchases

If your first purchase is going to be a large one, or you’re going to make a significantly larger purchase than usual, it’s a good idea to give us a call on 0800 032 7642. Alternative, you can also use our check spending power feature within the American Express® App or on your Online Account. For the App, go to the 'Statements' tab and tap 'Check Spending Power'. For web, simply go to Account Manager, click on Check Spending Power and follow the instructions on the screen.

Check your spending power for a particular purchase here.

Building a history with us

As a new Cardmember builds a spending and payment track record with us, the spending limit can rise accordingly.

Changes to financial circumstances

If your financial circumstances have changed since you last told us, keep us updated.

See more spending limit information here.