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American Express AccessLineSM

An international and domestic payment service designed to enhance cash flow management.

Embrace greater access, efficiency and control to Manage Cash Flow

AccessLine enables you to pay all your international and domestic suppliers simply and conveniently, even those who don't accept card payments. Payments are sent by bank transfer and charged to an eligible American Express Corporate Card. As a result, you're able to consolidate and control your supplier spend whilst benefitting from the cash flow benefits from up to 55 days to settle with American Express.

AccessLine Benefits

AccessLine helps improve speed and efficiency in the domestic and international payments process and also provides comprehensive reporting.

Expand your reach

AccessLine helps make domestic and international wire payments to a wide range of suppliers even those who don't accept card payments, using your eligible American Express Corporate Card and FX International Payments account.

Use AccessLine to make secure domestic and international payments to even those suppliers who do not accept cards.

Gain more control

Have the option to pay organisations sooner using your eligible Corporate Card which could help you negotiate early payment discounts. American Express's business cash flow management solution helps to increase visibility and more informed decision-making through detailed reporting.

Enroll your eligible Business Card in the American Express Membership Rewards program and earn reward points when making domestic and international payments with AccessLine.

Earn rewards

Earn one point for each eligible £1 spent making AccessLine payments with an eligible Card that is enrolled in our Corporate Membership Rewards programme.* Points can then be redeemed for a range of business travel, office equipment or corporate hospitality choices.

AccessLine supports cash flow management by allowing early payment discounts on domestic and international payments.

Business cash flow management

AccessLine helps make cash management easy. Suppliers can be paid using your Corporate Card and your business receives up to 55 days from the transaction date to pay your American Express Card statement.

How does AccessLine work?

Infographic of steps involved in utilizing American Express AccessLine™. American Express® Corporate Card Members and American Express® Business Card Members can now make easy, fast, secure payments to merchants using this domestic and international trade finance solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use AccessLine?

If you're a Corporate Card Member holding one of the Cards below, you're eligible to apply for AccessLine

  • American Express® Corporate Green Card
  • American Express® Corporate Gold Card
  • American Express® Corporate Platinum Card
Which foreign currencies can I make transactions in using AccessLine?

AccessLine processes transactions in over 110 different currencies, including Pound Sterling (GBP), United States Dollar (USD) and Euro (EUR).

Am I eligible to earn points on my transactions?

You’re eligible to receive points for your AccessLine transactions if you hold one of the following American Express Cards:

  • American Express® Corporate Green Card
  • American Express® Corporate Gold Card
  • American Express® Corporate Platinum Card

To start earning points, all you need to do is link this Card to your Membership Rewards account by completing a registration form. You can then redeem these points for retail or travel rewards.

How many Membership Rewards points can I earn on AccessLine transactions?

You will earn one point for every eligible pound spent on AccessLine payments, once your eligible Card is enrolled in the Corporate Membership Rewards programme.

How could accessline work for your business?

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