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Cross Currency Payments For Businesses

Streamline and automate international cross currency payments for increased flexibility, more convenience and reduce costs.

Cross Currency B2B Payments For Businesses At A Glance

Cross Currency payments benefit businesses that receive and send funds in multiple foreign currencies.


  • Make outgoing payments in any foreign currency we offer, regardless of the invoice currency (cross currency payments funds cannot be sent in local currency)
  • Choose whether to send funds by money transfer or draft
  • Choose the currency in which to pay fees
  • Receive incoming payments in any foreign currency we support, without the need for FX conversion (cross currency payments cannot be received in local currency)
  • Set and manage FX rates for automated currency conversion

Advantages Of Cross Currency B2B Payments For Businesses

Cross Currency payments benefit businesses that receive and send funds in foreign currencies. Business advantages include:

  • Reduces need to maintain multiple FX accounts with associated cost and reconciliation efforts
  • Improves working capital by eliminating idle FX balances without converting to local currency
  • Helps control exposure to exchange rate fluctuations by locking in FX rates ahead of payments
  • Gives flexibility over the timing and method of payments1
  • Provides full payment history, audit trail and reporting

Membership Rewards® Program

  • For every £20 transacted, you will receive one Membership Rewards® point, which will be automatically credited to your American Express Card. You can earn for a minimum transaction of GBP £1,000 upto a maximum of 5,000 points per transaction.2
  • Payment with a Membership Rewards® program-enrolled American Express Card is required to take advantage of this offer.
  • Points can be redeemed for travel, shopping, dining, and entertainment rewards.

Tailored International Payment Solutions

For businesses with complex payments needs or large outgoing payments we have a range of tailored integration solutions. Please contact us to discuss which integrated payment solution is right for you.

  • File upload replaces the need to manually input multiple payments. Upload multiple transactions and integrate with your accounting software. For cross-currency payments, FX rates can be set for the whole batch.
  • SYNC is our integrated international payment service that can provide an automated and secure online solution, to help save your business time and money.

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