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FX International Payments

International Money Transfer Services

American Express can make international payments simple, secure and rewarding.

International Payments for Businesses

Send or receive international wire transfers through our secure online platform. Experienced foreign exchange specialists are available Monday to Friday. Take advantages of competitive rates.

Infographic highlighting the features of wire transfer services provided by American Express FX International Payments.
Gain A Competitive Advantage

American Express FX International Payments offers foreign supplier payment solutions that can help your business succeed in foreign markets, with a simple and secure way to transfer money:

  • Transfer money online.
  • No setup or account maintenance fees.
  • Reporting services to help manage your business such as online payment history, currency type, and more.
  • File upload for multiple payments.
  • Rate alerts to your email or phone.
  • Foreign exchange (forex) in 110+ countries, 80+ currencies.
  • Ability to upload multiple payment files, making it simple to send payments to numerous recipients.
  • Competitive exchange rates for international money transfers.
  • Phone and email customer support can help explain how to transfer money, Monday-Friday, 9.00am-5.30pm.
  • Membership Rewards® points for eligible forex transactions.1
Infographic showing how money transfer solutions from American Express FX International payments can be effectively used across various industries.
International Payment Solutions For Business

American Express FX International Payments gives your business the ability to wire foreign currency payments and transfer money online to and from 110+ countries, 80+currencies.

  • With the ability to accept incoming international money transfers in most major currencies, your business can develop new relationships with clients in select overseas markets.
  • Need to place an urgent order with a supplier in a foreign market? Your business can transfer money online via international money transfers simply and securely, to trusted or established suppliers in select overseas markets.
  • Your business can use American Express FX International Payments to pay employees in select foreign markets, sending them payments in 110+ countries, 80+currencies.
  • American Express FX International Payments can be used to settle overseas payments such as licensing fees and tariffs securely, so you can do business in select overseas markets.
  • Online reporting lets your business track online money transfers, with one easy-to-use and centralized tool to view all your business's international money transfers, foreign exchange transactions, payments and receipts.
  • Online reporting offers several features and display types, including:
    • Detailed payment and receipt history
    • Detailed currency transfer receipts
    • Display transactions by currency type
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