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Your Credit Card

Here is all you need to know about getting started with your new Platinum Cashback Credit Card. You’ll find helpful advice about online Credit Card activation, managing your Account online and shopping confidently with your Credit Card.

Getting started

  • How to activate your Credit Card
  • Online Services
  • Amex App
  • Social updates

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Using your Credit Card

  • Your Credit Card PIN
  • Places to use your Credit Card
  • Contactless
  • Mobile payments
  • Shop confidently
  • Retail Protection benefits

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Managing your Account

  • Your statement and paying your bill
  • Account alerts
  • Supplementary Cards

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Rewards and Offers

As a Platinum Cashback Credit Cardmember, you will earn cashback on all purchases made on your Credit Card1, allowing you the flexibility to reward yourself in any way you choose.

Plus, with Amex Offers you have access to shopping, dining, travel discounts and much more2.

Earning Cashback

Use your Credit Card for your purchases and you will be rewarded with cashback1, with no limit to the amount of cashback you can earn. You can also boost your cashback by adding Supplementary Cards or referring your friends.

Amex Offers

With Amex Offers you can enjoy a delightful range of offers across dining, retail, travel and more.2

24-7 Support

Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can service your Credit Card Account at your convenience.


Here are just a selection of FAQs that may be of interest to you as a new Cardmember. For further information, please view the
full FAQs.

Connect with us

Receive offers

Terms and Conditions

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1. Cashback is earned on every full pound spent on each purchase. The value of each purchase will be rounded down to the nearest full pound before Cashback is calculated. Cashback will be paid by crediting your Account during each Credit Card anniversary month on the expenditure that has taken place during the preceding 12 months. Introductory offers are not available if you currently hold or have held any other Platinum Cashback American Express Credit Cards in the past six months. Any cashback from introductory offers will be credited to your Account in your Credit Card anniversary month. Your Credit Card anniversary month is the one month period each year following the date on which your Account was opened. Cashback is not earned on Balance Transfers, Cash Advances, American Express Travellers' Cheques, Foreign Exchange transactions, interest, any spending in excess of your credit limit, charges for returned payments, late payment or referral charges and American Express Credit Card finance charges.

2. Offer Terms and Conditions apply. Please see individual offers for details.

3. Please read the Insurance Documentation for full details of the Protection benefits currently available and to understand the limits and exclusions that may apply.

4. One traditional Chip & PIN transaction must be completed on your new Credit Card before you can make contactless payments. Contactless payments are possible at retailers with American Express contactless technology. Participating stores only. Please check in-store for details. For purchases of up to £30 at stores accepting American Express contactless. Some retailers may still only accept up to the previous £20 limit, whilst others may choose to allow purchases of greater than £30 specifically on Apple Pay transactions. For more information, visit

5. Your current Credit Card does not need to be contactless in order to use Apple Pay. Minimum iOS version 9.2 required, available for eligible iPhones and iPads. For a full list of eligible devices, please visit the Apple website.

6. Minimum Android version 4.1 for Android app. Amex Pay is a feature of the American Express App that allows you to make purchases using an eligible American Express Card with a compatible Android device. Your Cardmember Agreement governs the use of your Credit Card in Amex Pay. Your current Credit Card does not need to be contactless in order to use Amex Pay. In order to use Amex Pay, you will need an Android device running KitKat 4.4 or above, with NFC enabled. Amex Pay may not always be available, for example due to service interruptions or merchants using obsolete terminals. You should always carry your plastic Credit Card in case. Amex is not liable for any loss or damage you suffer if you are unable to use Amex Pay at any time. With Amex Pay, you can spend up to £30 at stores accepting American Express contactless. Some retailers may still only accept up to the previous £20 limit, whilst others may choose to allow purchases of greater than £30 specifically on mobile contactless transactions. Please check in-store for details. If you register your Credit Card in Amex Pay, you must keep your device and security credentials safe and secure at all times – in the same way you would your actual Credit Card or PIN. Never share your device security credentials or allow another person to register their fingerprint to your device, as that person will be able to make payments using your Credit Card. If you do allow someone access, you will be responsible for their use of your Credit Card.

You must always use the device lock feature on your mobile device. For more information about safety and security visit the Amex Pay FAQs here.

Call us immediately using the number on the back of your Credit Card if your device has been lost, stolen or compromised in any way. We can suspend or remove your Credit Card from Amex Pay to prevent further unauthorised use.

7. For more information and to view Terms and Conditions, please read our SafeKey FAQ’s.

8. Subject to application and approval. Supplementary Cards are issued under and subject to the Terms and Conditions of your existing Cardmember Agreement, and as the main Cardmember, you will be responsible for paying all charges on any Supplementary Cards which are added to your Account. Supplementary Cardmembers must be aged 18 or over. Approval subject to status and Terms and Conditions apply.

9. You may refer as many friends or family members as you wish but you can only receive a maximum of £150 cashback per calendar year for those approved for a Card. Applicants must be UK residents aged 18 years old or over. If your friend already has any cashback Cards, or has held one in the last six months, they won’t be eligible for this offer. Terms and Conditions apply.

Statement of Lender and Borrower Responsibilities

American Express adheres to The Standards of Lending Practice which are monitored and enforced by the Lending Standards Board.

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