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What is Business Insights
Business Insights is a global information, analytics and consulting organisation that combines real behavioural information – based on actual aggregated purchasing data – with sophisticated analytics to reveal unique insights about your customers, competitive set and marketplace.

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Who are we

Insights from a unique point of view
American Express Business Insights offers a unique view of customer behaviour, market activity and industry trends. Based on transaction data from a network of approximately 90 million Cards in force in over 125 countries, we have a wealth of timely information that sheds light on the actual aggregate spending behaviours of consumers and businesses and enables us to see trends as they’re developing.

How we're different
We see what others simply can't
Because of our relationships with Merchants and Cardmembers globally, we understand where, when, and how your customers are spending with you, your competitive set, and in the broader marketplace. This type of intelligence is especially powerful in today’s environment because it’s based upon real behaviours and actions. Since this is actual spend data, it’s important to note that we take customer privacy seriously. Our products consist of only aggregate information that is not specific to individual Cardmembers or Merchants.

What we provide

Information and analytics for business impact
We have a wealth of data – but it’s the insights drawn from our information that provides the true value. Through advanced modeling and analytics, we transform raw data into a suite of powerful business intelligence offerings. Our solutions can help you increase engagement with current customers, find and acquire new ones, benchmark against the competition, improve business planning, and more. From customised engagements to web-based reporting, our solutions can provide you with actionable insights that can lead to improved business performance.

American Express Business Insights: Information and Analytics for Business Impact

Contact Us
For custom insight and recommendations or any media related enquiries, please contact us at

Commitment to Privacy
American Express Business Insights values and protects the privacy of our customers. Our products consist of aggregated information that is not specific to individual Cardmembers or Merchants, and do not contain any personally identifiable information.