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With industry reports and marketing guides to help your business.

If you’re in the restaurant, or retail sector, you can access detailed insights into your market, courtesy of American Express. That’s because, periodically, we publish our findings in our complimentary industry report, Market Meter.

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At American Express, we understand the importance of marketing and communicating with our Cardmembers. That’s why, we’re sharing our experience with you, in the form of complimentary marketing guides. It could help you attract new customers, and keep your existing ones.

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Understanding the area you operate in can help you to attract more customers to your business. Working in  partnership with Experian, American Express has developed a Neighbourhood Report designed to help you  understand the vicinity in which your business operates.

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Reach our Cardmembers

To reach our Cardmembers globally, make them an offer they can't resist on American Express Selects.

Point-of-purchase materials

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