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As one of the world’s established card providers, American Express has years of experience partnering with other businesses to create innovative marketing campaigns to drive new business.  

To share some of our experiences with you, we’ve developed a series of complimentary step-by-step practical guides to help you enhance your marketing.  

Step-by-step ideas for planning a new marketing campaign

Whether you are marketing a big brand, or a small business, the principles remain the same: know your customers (and prospective customers), know how to reach them, and be clear about your message. With these principles in mind, we’ve put together a complimentary guide to help market your business. It covers how to plan, implement and measure your marketing activity.

Download your guide to planning a new marketing campaign.

Step-by-step ideas for promotion your business locally

Many businesses focus on their local area for the majority of their custom. There are many cost-effective ways to attract local customers to your business. This step-by-step guide is designed to help you think about the various ways to reach local customers, within your budget. It covers a range of communication channels, for example; online, business directories, leaflets and word-of-mouth.

Download your guide to promoting your business locally.