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Transactions by Card or American Express Travellers Cheques.

Accepting our Cards.
The quickest way to accept our Cards is electronically. It’s more accurate and generally less hassle. As with all terminals, make sure yours can generate receipts which contain the following information:

  • Authorisation code.
  • Card account number and expiry date.
  • Date of charge.
  • Amount of charge (including any tips, taxes, and postage and packing charges).
  • A concise description of the purchase.
  • Your business name, address, and American Express Merchant Number.

Already an American Express Merchant? Please log in for more detailed information and advice on processing our Cards.

Accepting American Express Gift Cards.
The American Express Gift Card is another way for your customers to pay. It is an anonymous, non-reloadable prepaid Card issued by American Express for use only in the United Kingdom. To read more information about accepting our Gift Cards, as well as other frequently asked questions you can read our Gift Card FAQs.

Accepting American Express Travellers Cheques.
It’s easy to accept our Travellers Cheques. You don’t need to sign a contract, nor pay any charges to American Express. Moreover, most banks accept them the under the same conditions as any other cheque (check with your bank for details on charges and clearing times).

Provided you follow some straightforward security procedures, we’ll pay you for every cheque you deposit.

As with any transaction, be vigilant. Discreetly watch your customer countersign the cheque, and compare that signature with the original ensuring that they are a reasonable match. Satisfy yourself that neither the original signature, nor the cheque numbers have been altered.

Need assistance?
If you’re unsure about the validity of a Travellers Cheque, you can request authorisation from us either by our automated phone or internet services:

  • By phone. Call American Express Travellers Cheques and follow the instructions.
  • Online. Visit You will need to call American Express Travellers Cheques to request a free Travellers Cheques Merchant code. 

If you choose to accept Travellers Cheques in foreign currencies, you’ll need to convert the transaction by applying the current exchange rate, which you can obtain from your bank. Then, deposit the cheques into your bank account. For further details contact your bank and visit

Our Payment Terms.

Once you’ve submitted your transaction, the number of working days before you receive payment will depend on your individual payment plan. Our standard payment plan is five (5) business days from when we receive your submitted transactions.

American Express is always looking for ways to improve our service to merchants. As a leader in the payments industry we have worked closely with the Faster Payments Scheme Ltd to offer small businesses a faster way to receive payment for submitted transactions in order to improve cash flow. To find out if your business is currently eligible, please call us on 0800 032 7216.


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