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American Express SafeKey® is a security solution designed to help you detect and reduce fraud on online or in-app purchases. 


Leveraging the global standard, EMV® 3-D Secure, SafeKey allows you and the Issuer to exchange detailed customer information to validate identity and provide a safe and seamless checkout experience.




Reduce fraud liability

Liability for fraud chargebacks on authenticated and attempted transactions can be transferred to the Issuer, protecting your business1.

Pay with Points

SafeKey gives your customers the choice to pay with Membership Rewards® pointswith no additional integration and you receive payment as normal.

Industry leading success rate2

SafeKey 2.0 has a success rate of 97% globally2.  (Success rate means when a payment has been successfully authenticated)

Regulation Compliant

SafeKey 2.0 meets the regulatory requirements of PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication.

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Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Additional data is used to authenticate Cardmembers without challenge*, potentially
improving sales conversion.


* A challenge is when an issuer can request a Cardmember to prove their identity, e.g., by use of a one-time passcode (OTP).

Increase customer security confidence

Help customers feel more secure about online purchases.

How it Works

How it Works

Step 1

SafeKey enables the Issuer and Merchant to work together to authenticate the customer’s identity before authorisation occurs.


Step 2

The customer’s identity is verified by the Issuer before the transaction is authorised. SakeKey determines the transaction risk and if identified as high-risk the customer may be prompted to verify their identity e.g. with a one-time passcode.


Step 3

The SafeKey authentication improves the Issuer’s confidence to authorise the transaction.

Stay one step ahead by enabling SafeKey.

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Additional Resources

1. Valid for eligible SafeKey transactions only.

2. Source: Global Payment Regulation and Authentication 2021 Report by Ravelin. American Express success rate is 97% compared with up to 90% for other networks.

3. Available for selected American Express issued cards.


EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo, LLC.