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The Government Purchasing Card (GPC) offers many benefits to today’s increasingly cash-strapped government departments and agencies.

It offers tailor-made payment solutions, giving government departments and agencies greater control over organisational spending with seamless integration. And with our global expertise in payment solutions, it helps them identify opportunities to streamline payment process, enforce policy and drive savings.

Meanwhile, the benefits to you are even more pronounced:

Improve your company’s cashflow
Guaranteed payment in 5 banking days from American Express as soon as you submit a transaction. Receive a cashflow improvement of up to 90 days on normal invoice payment terms.

Help manage debt write off
We make payments to you for every invoice you process, reducing your risk of unpaid invoices.

Process improvements
GPC eliminates the need for paper invoicing; it streamlines the whole order to pay process for you and your customers. Less time wasted on chasing unpaid invoices.

Customers prefer to trade using GPC
Customers are often mandated to use GPC suppliers above suppliers who don’t accept GPC. GPC provides the opportunity to lock in your business as a preferred supplier. Enhance your relationship with your customer.

Opportunity to secure new business
Business volumes could increase due to reduced spend leakage from customers, as business is channelled to you as a preferred supplier. We work closely with our Cardmembers, providing you with the opportunity to capture more business from American Express Cardmembers you do not currently trade with.

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