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Data Security

American Express has a long-standing commitment to protecting Cardmember Information.

Compromised data has a negative impact on consumers, Merchants, and card issuers. Even one incident can severely damage a company's reputation and impair its ability to conduct business effectively. Addressing this threat by implementing the American Express Data Security Operating Policy can make your customers feel more secure, and can enhance the reputation of your business.

Our Role in Data Security

Our long-standing commitment to Data Security
Cardmembers rely on American Express for the highest level of service and protection. This is why we have developed this Data Security Operating Policy and are working with Merchants and Service Providers to help you establish appropriate security programs.

Our history of participating in the industry development of PCI
American Express is a founding member of the PCI Security Standards Council. The Council is designed to manage the ongoing evolution of the PCI Data Security Standard and to foster its adoption in the payment card industry. Through our participation in the Council, American Express continues our commitment to pursue all aspects of data security with diligence.

Your Role in Data Securtity

Merchants have an important role to play in protecting Cardmember information. In agreeing to accept the American Express® Card, you have agreed to the terms of our Card Acceptance Agreement. This contains the Data Security Operating Policy, which helps us to work together in implementing the PCI Data Security Standard. Our Data Security Operating Policy can be viewed from this website. In the case of a conflict between the provisions of the website and the policy, the provisions of the policy will prevail.