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How to display the American Express logo on your website

Let customers know they can pay using our Card on your website by downloading high-definition logos.

Download the American Express Logo

How to position logos of the payment methods you provide

Ensure the American Express logo is always presented in its entirety and where possible should always precede the other options.

How to present the American Express logos

Don’t crop the American Express logo

Don’t use credit card visuals

Facilitate Secure Payments


Facilitate secure purchases for you and your customers

At American Express we want to ensure that purchases made are safe and secure for you and your customers:

  • All American Express Cards have a four digit security code printed on the front of the embossed account number which is commonly known as CID or CV2
  • Address Verification (AVS) provides the ability to electronically check a customer’s American Express billing address and postcode against the details we hold.

How to position the CID/CV2 code on your website

When adding an online payment method, you will notice that the various card information fields require different character limits and/or layout.

See the below example for guidance on how to set out the payment fields on the site and advise American Express Cardmembers of how to input their CID/CV2 number.

Select the type of payment you’d like to use

For more information regarding our fraud protection services contact Merchant Customer Services.