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Online Fraud Protection


How to keep your business safe online

American Express fraud prevention tools are designed to protect American Express Merchants and Cardmembers from the increasing problem of fraudulent online transactions:

- SafeKey® • American Express SafeKey has been designed using 3-D Secure specifications to ensure    industry consistent processes and functionality
   - It acts as a deterrent to fraudsters, helping to prevent fraudulent transactions before they are cleared
   - It can shift fraud liability away from your business
   - It demonstrates a higher level of security for American Express customers, offering reassurance that      you are taking extra steps to combat fraud.
- Name and Address Verification • we compare your Cutomers’ name and address with their billing    records we have on file to authenticate the Card
- Enhanced Authorisations • Enables the dynamic and immediate review of additional data elements during the authorisation process based on important indicators of risk including shipping address and contact numbers.

For more information regarding our fraud protection services contact Merchant Customer Services.

Online Safety Advice


What to look out for to identify online fraud

Despite the efforts made by American Express and other credit card providers, online fraud has not disappeared.

Here are a few scenarios to think about and take extra caution:

  • Different address for shipping and invoicing
  • A request for immediate or next day delivery of high-priced items
  • The same shipping address for more than one Cardmember
  • A request for a refund on a different method or another card
  • Unusual spending patterns, especially multiple identical items.

Should you have any doubts about a customer or credit card transaction, call American Express Authorisations on + 44 (0) 208 551 1111.