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Mobile / email alerts

Get informed instantly with text and email alerts. There’s a range of useful alerts to choose from. You choose when you’d like to receive your alerts and whether you prefer mobile or email. You can also place your alerts on hold when you travel or change the time zone they arrive in.

 Payment reminder alerts

  You will automatically be sent a follow up alert if we do not receive a payment by your due date.

Payment received alerts

Choose these alerts and we’ll message you within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your payment.

Balance updates

Stay on top of your account with minimal effort with weekly balance updates. You select the time and day of the week to receive your update.

Approaching your Card Limit (applies to Credit Cards only)

Stay informed as you approach your personal line of credit (does not apply to Charge Cards). You decide at what point in your balance you would like to receive your alert.

You will need to register for Online Services to manage your account online before setting up your account alerts.

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