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Gift Card Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about American Express® Gift Cards? You can find answers here.

How to use your UK Gift Card

Is the Gift Card a debit Card or a credit Card?

Are any steps required before using the Gift Card?

What are the fees associated with the Gift Card?

How do I use the Gift Card to make purchases?

What is the "valid thru" date on the front of the Gift Card?

Should I register my Gift Card?

Should the Card number and Customer Services number be written down?

Should the receipt from purchased Gift Cards be kept?

Where can the Gift Card be used? Are there any usage restrictions?

How can the Gift Card Balance on the Gift Card be used?

Can the Gift Card be used if its Gift Card Balance does not cover the total purchase price?

What if the Gift Card is lost or stolen?

Can merchandise purchased with the Gift Card be returned?

Can a charge made with the Gift Card be disputed?

Are there other factors which may prevent the use of the Gift Card?

Can the Gift Card be used for transactions in foreign currency or for transactions outside the UK?

Where can I purchase a Gift Card?

What if I would like to return my Gift Card?

Will American Express share my information with anyone?

For questions about American Express Gift Cards please see our Frequently Asked Questions. You may also call 01273 693 455 to speak with a customer representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The American Express Gift Card is accepted in the UK where American Express Cards are welcome. *Please note that exclusions apply: the Gift Card cannot be used at ATMs, gambling establishments, cruise lines, on, or in connection with ATOC (Association of Train Operating Companies), payment and money transfer providers, customer activated terminals e.g., unattended ticket machines or for purposes of guaranteeing payment of future purchases.

Please see the Gift Card Terms and Conditions for more information.

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