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How the UK Gift Card by American Express Works

Welcome across the UK*

The Gift Card can be used in shops, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, or even online – virtually anywhere that accepts American Express. Exclusions apply*. Once the Gift Card has been Activated and signed, it’s ready to use. Gift Card Terms and Conditions apply.


No fee to refund if lost or stolen

If the Gift Card you give is ever lost or stolen, the recipient can report it immediately to request a refund. Just call Customer Service on 01273 693 455, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to speak to a representative. Gift Card Terms and Conditions apply.

Gift Card with a Parachute

Using the Gift Card

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Upon delivery or receipt of an American Express Gift Card, the recipient should take a moment to:
  1. Sign their name on the back where indicated.
  2. Write down on a separate piece of paper the 15-digit Gift Card number and the 4-digit security code printed on the front of the Gift Card, as well as the Customer Service number, and store this information in a safe place. Gift Card details are required to check Gift Card Balance or request a refund if lost or stolen.
  3. If the Gift Card is purchased online, the recipient will need to Activate the Gift Card.

Note that if the Gift Card was purchased in store, the Gift Card is already Activated.

Checking the balance

The recipient should always know the Gift Card balance before using it. There are two convenient ways to find out the available Gift Card balance.

Before using the Gift Card for a purchase, the recipient should tell the cashier how much value is on the Gift Card.

If the purchase total is greater than the Gift Card Balance on a Gift Card, the recipient can ask the merchant if they can use an additional form of payment, like cash or another card, to complete the transaction. If the merchant accepts, the cashier can authorise a Gift Card only for the available balance and then ask for a second form of payment. Otherwise, the transaction will be declined.

American Express Merchants

Gift Cards can be used online and in store at these popular merchants.

Locations Gift Cards Can be Used

The specially chosen Gift Card


Perfect for everyone

Gift Bag

Use for special things and memorable experiences


No fee to refund if lost or stolen