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Protecting yourself from fraud







Our tips will show you how to identify various scams, keep your details secure and allow you to continue to use your

American Express® Card with confidence.


How can you be sure that it’s American Express contacting you?

We will never call you and ask for the following:


Full ID details

One-time verification codes

Logins and passwords

Your Card details or PIN

Here are three short films to help you spot common scams

How to identify a phone scam


Fraudsters may call you pretending to be from American Express. This can also be done via ‘spoofing’, where a fraudster presents their number as ours.


Three giveaway signs:


1. Someone calls you to say there is suspicious activity on your Account and asks you to provide full ID details, passwords and Card details


2. This person asks you to take immediate action.


If anyone demands you to do something right away, hang up.


Please call us immediately if you’ve given out any sensitive information.


Take a moment. Take control.


Report a phone scam


Contact us straight away if you think you’ve been a victim of a phone scam, we’re here to help and protect you. Contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions


How we keep your Account safe

Intelligent Security

Our industry leading fraud detection technology helps protect your Account from fraud 24/7. With advanced machine learning and a team of dedicated fraud experts, you can shop with confidence anytime, anywhere.


Fraud Protection Guarantee

If you do become a victim of fraud, our Fraud Protection Guarantee means you won’t be held responsible for any fraudulent charges, provided you’ve taken reasonable care to protect your Account details, PIN and any device you store your Account information on.


Account and Fraud Alerts

If we spot anything unusual in your spending patterns, you’ll receive an instant alert by text or email. In one click, you can tell us if it was you or not. Our Fraud Alerts are simple, fast and come free with your Account.

Identity Theft 


Your details are private. Let’s keep it that way.