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Chip and PIN





What is Chip and PIN?


Your PIN identifies you as the Card’s rightful user, which ensures safe shopping and complete peace of mind.

And, unlike contactless payments, you can use Chip and PIN for purchases of any amount.



How does Chip and PIN work?

chip pin

Insert your Card into the terminal 

chip pin

Enter your four-digit PIN to

authorise the transaction



Manage your PIN


You can view, change or unlock your PIN through the American Express® App or through your Online Services Account

Manage your PIN with the

Amex App


Download and log into the Amex App for an easy way to

manage or change your PIN.

Manage your PIN with your

Online Services Account


 Log into your Online Services Account, click on

‘Account Management’ then select the option you need.

   Security Tips 


Never share your PIN with anyone,

including family, friends or retailers.

We'll never ask for your PIN over the phone or email.


Don't record your PIN anywhere; memorise it.


Protect your PIN when entering

it at a cash machine or point of sale terminal.


Frequently Asked Questions


To find out more about Chip and PIN, click here.

Contactless Payment


 Go contactless for payments up to £45*. Simply hold your Card close to the reader and you're done.

A quick, secure and no touch way to pay!



*Contactless payment limits subject to retailers, effective 1 April 2020. Please check in-store for details.