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Welcome to Amex Pay


Amex Pay is an easy and safe way to make mobile payments. It's accepted everywhere you can use your contactless Card.

Simply download the American Express® App to get started.



High value purchases


With Amex Pay, you won’t be restricted by the same contactless Card limit.




Safe shopping


Shop safe in the knowledge that we've got

your back with the highest standards of

protection and security you can enjoy.




Treat yourself


Do more of what you love with the

Rewards you earn with Amex Pay, whether

it's shopping or travel.



*Retailer limits may apply. Check before paying.






How to add your Card to Amex Pay

Amex Pay step 3

Open the app & select ‘Account’.


Amex Pay step 2

Select 'Activate Amex Pay'. For security purposes you'll need to enter a one-time verification code to confirm your identity.



Amex Pay step 1

Then select to set Amex Pay as your default payment app. Then that's it. You're done.






How to make a purchase using Amex Pay


Wake the device and enter your PIN,

passcode, pattern, fingerprint or use facial recognition



Hold the device near the reader


Wait for the device to vibrate or beep,

then look for the checkmark on your





where can i use contactless



Where to use Amex Pay

You can use Amex Pay at thousands of places that welcome American

Express contactless payments, either in-store or in-app.


On the go? 

Unlock the freedom of travel, using Amex Pay to get from one destination to

another by simply holding your device over the ticket reader and authorising

the payment to board trains, buses, ferries and more.





Frequently Asked Questions


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Mobile Wallet Security


We keep your transactions safe with 4 layers of protection, and every purchase

is approved by American Express.



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