Frequently asked questions.

Below‚ we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about statement queries. As always‚ if the answer you’re looking for isn’t here‚ you should contact us and we’ll do everything we can to find it for you.

Can American Express permanently credit my account or charge a debit back to a company?

No. Because we are not a bank‚ we have to adhere to the contract entered into between you and the company involved. What we can do‚ however‚ is investigate the transaction and do everything in our power to reach a satisfactory conclusion for you.

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How long does it usually take until a query is resolved?

We always work to solve your query as quickly as possible‚ and this usually means over the phone when you first call us. However‚ queries can take anything from a couple of days to‚ in some cases‚ around six weeks.

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How does a temporary credit work?

Sometimes you will receive a temporary credit while a query is being investigated. This means the queried amount will not be charged from your account. However‚ please note that unfortunately we are unable to credit amounts already collected by direct debit‚ or alter the amount collected for those where the direct debit is due to collect imminently.

Depending on the result‚ the temporary credit will be:

  • Made permanent
  • Removed when the company credit appears on your account
  • Removed‚ if it turns out that the charge was valid (we will call to inform you of this beforehand).

These adjustments will be actioned differently depending on whether you have a Charge Card or a Credit Card:

  • For Charge Cards‚ you will receive a temporary credit on your statement for the same amount as the queried charge. This effectively cancels out the queried charge.
  • For Credit Cards‚ we will suspend the queried charge‚ which means you will not accumulate any interest on it.

Note – In both of the above‚ the outcome for you is the same: the queried charge will have already been subtracted from the "Total to Pay" on your statement.

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Do I have to send written details to help with my query?

Usually we can resolve issues with over the phone when you first call. Only in cases where we need further information or we are working within the terms and conditions of the affected company will we need your support. Because of this‚ we ask that you to keep all documentation regarding charges until you have received your statement.

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Will I be kept informed about how the case is going?

You can call our Customer Services department at any time on xxxx xxx xxxx - anyone here will let you know how far along your case is..

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How will I know if my query is resolved?

We will inform you immediately by letter. If the company has provided a copy of the receipt or other supporting documents‚ we will also call.

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Is there a time limit on querying charges?

Normally‚ charges cannot normally be queried more than 3 months after they have appeared on your statement.

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