Why have I been charged this amount?

Stage 3 - WE CLARIFY  
Here are some of the most common possibilities for why you recognise everything about a transaction except‚ of course‚ the amount. Have a look through and if nothing below seems to be the answer‚ we’ll take over.
  • Did you use the minibar at any time?
  • Did you have a meal after checking out?
  • Did you use any extra services like parking‚ taxi services‚ leisure facilities or health spas?
  • When you sign a registration card‚ you are authorising the hotel to add additional charges to your card that may be incurred after the stay (this is often in the small print).
In the first instance‚ you should contact the hotel for a copy of the receipt or invoices. If you still disagree with the charges‚ forward copies of them on to us as soon as possible with a supporting note detailing the situation or‚ alternatively‚ call our specialist Statement Queries team on 0127 369 6933.
  • Did you pay for your hire car with a voucher?
  • Did you fill the tank with petrol prior to returning the vehicle?
  • Did you have an extra driver‚ extra insurance or child seats?
  • Is there any way you may have incurred a parking or speeding fine?
  • Did you take any routes that incur toll charges (Autoroute Sud‚ France for example)?
  • Payment with vouchers usually covers only the hire of the car – not insurances‚ petrol and other service charges.
  • As soon as you sign the rental agreement‚ you are authorising the car hire company to add additional charges to your card that may be incurred after the hire period (this is often in the small print).
  • Parking fines are often incurred without a ticket being issued or placed on the vehicle and car hire companies usually add an admin charge to the fine.
If any of these apply‚ contact the hire company for a copy of the receipt or invoice. Note: If the hire was from outside of the UK‚ it might be easier to contact their central customer services here. Below are links to the major car hire company’s customer service sections:

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