I have a transaction on my statement that I recognise‚ but the amount is wrong.

Sometimes‚ you recognise the transaction‚ but the amount seems to be completely wrong. This doesn’t mean there’s been fraudulent activity – more often than not‚ it’s something much more straightforward and this is how we’ll help you resolve it.
Stage 1 - YOU CONFIRM  
Firstly‚ you need to confirm your query by going through our checklist of common reasons for unexpected charge – often‚ your query can be resolved right here.
Stage 2 - YOU CONTACT US  
Couldn’t find your answer? This is where we come in.
Stage 3 - WE CLARIFY  
You’ve reported your query‚ we’ve taken over – this is what we do next.
Stage 4 - WE CONCLUDE  
Here‚ we explain what the possible outcomes of your query will be.

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