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I am unhappy with a product or service that I have paid for.

Damaged or defective goods or services
If you have received goods that are damaged or defective‚ the first course of action would be for you to contact the company directly with your complaint. Should you be unhappy with their response‚ we will step in. All we need from you is a letter detailing:
Exactly what the damage/defect is
When the goods or service was received
Details of any correspondence with the company (including copies of all letters).
Just call your dedicated Statement Queries team. They're available to help between 8am and 5pm weekdays. To find the number to call click here

Should you need assistance outside of the above hours, just leave a contact number. The Statement Queries team will call you back at the first opportunity.
We will then take over the investigation for you and contact the company on your behalf.
Where you have paid for a good or service that is completely not as it was described (like‚ for example‚ an antique that you discover is actually a reproduction)‚ we will assist you with your complaint – just call us on 0127 369 6933 and we will take it from there.
Unfortunately‚ in this type of situation, there is no recourse we can take because you have entered directly into a contract with the supplier of the goods and/or service. Because of this‚ our advice would be for you to contact the company in question directly‚ explaining your situation.