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'Use Membership Rewards points with SafeKey' FAQs

  1. Are all American Express® Cards eligible for 'Use points with SafeKey'?
    You will be eligible to redeem Membership Rewards points with SafeKey if:
    • You are making a purchase online at participating UK merchants that are enrolled with American Express SafeKey and SafeKey 'Use points with SafeKey'. Merchants that enrolled with 'Use points with SafeKey' are subject to change at any time
    • You are the Main Cardmember, (Supplementary Cardmembers are not eligible)
    • Your Card is in good standing (not overdue or in collection)
    • You hold a UK issued Card that is enrolled in the Membership Rewards programme
    • You have sufficient Membership Rewards points in your Account.

  2. How do I redeem my points for a statement credit?

    Shop online
    • Shop at an online merchant who is enrolled in both SafeKey and ‘Use points with SafeKey’ and select to use your American Express® Card at the checkout.

    Select to use your points
    • You will then be given the option to redeem your points for a statement credit during the Safekey experience
    • Simply select the 'Use points' option and you will be directed to a page where you can redeem points for a statement credit on your Card Account.

    Enter the statement credit amount you wish to apply
    • Enter the statement credit amount within the 'Enter statement credit amount GBP' box and the corresponding points value will appear in the 'Points to be used' box.
    • Once you are happy with your selection, click the 'Use points' button. If you no longer wish to redeem points for a statement credit, then click the 'Don't use points' button.

    Statement credt confirmation
    • You will be notified if your redemption was successful and then redirected to the online store within 10 seconds where your online transaction will be processed as usual.
    • You will also receive an email to confirm the number points you chose to redeem and that your Membership Rewards points have been debited from your Account. The statement credit will appear on your Card Account within five working days along with the full merchant transaction.

  3. How many points can I redeem against a SafeKey purchase?
    You can use as few or as many for a single purchase, however you cannot redeem for a higher value than the value of the purchase and only up to the maximum number of points available in your Membership Rewards Account.

  4. What is the points to £ value?
    1,000 Membership Rewards points is currently equal to £4.50 spend and is subject to change.

  5. When will I receive the statement credit?
    Statement credits are normally issued within 48 hours (although this may take longer in limited circumstances, such as during periods of system outages). The full transaction amount charged by the online merchant will also display on your Card Account as usual. If you do not see your statement credit, or the full purchase amount charged by the merchant, please contact us using the number on the back of your Card.

  6. Will I still earn Membership Rewards points on my transaction?
    Yes, you will earn points as provided in the Terms of your Membership Rewards agreement for every full £1 of the online transaction paid by Card.

  7. Is there a charge for using points with SafeKey?
    No, there is no fee for using this service.

  8. I don't want to use my points for a statement credit, do I have to?
    No, you can choose to continue without using points. You will be automatically re-directed to the online store and your transaction will be processed as normal.

  9. I redeemed my points with SafeKey for a statement credit, but my transaction wasn't authorised by the merchant, will I get my points back?
    Yes, if you chose to use your points but the transaction didn't go through with the merchant then the statement credit will be reversed and your points will be added back into your Membership Rewards Account.

  10. Why can't I redeem my points with SafeKey?
    It may be that you do not hold an eligible Card that is enrolled in the Membership Rewards programme, or that the online store you are making a purchase with is not enrolled with American Express SafeKey or 'Use points with SafeKey'. It may also be that your Card Account is not in good standing (overdue or in collection).
    For assistance, please contact the number on the back of your Card to speak with a Customer Care professional.

  11. Do I still need to make a bill payment this month?
    Yes, a credit to your Card Account as a result of using 'Use Points with SafeKey' does not constitute a payment to your Card Account and does not satisfy the requirement to make a payment. If you pay your bill through Direct Debit, the Direct Debit amount that appears on your statement will always be collected.

  12. Will I receive my points back if I get a refund from the merchant?
    If you choose to later return your purchase for a refund, the Membership Rewards points that you redeemed through SafeKey for a statement credit will not automatically be credited back to your Membership Rewards Account. Please contact Customer Services using the number on the back of your Card if you would like your points returned to your Account.
    Click here to view 'Use Membership Rewards points with SafeKey' Terms and Conditions