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Why Amex AdvanceSM?


Harness the power of your data combined with our deep consumer insights and platform capabilities, all enhanced by predictive machine learning    

Precise Data Insights

Insights are based on the analysis of the vast majority of the $1 trillion in purchases annually across the American Express network    

Connected Platform

Our secure platform enables partners to collocate their data with ours for even greater performance

Machine Learning

Predictive consumer spending insights driven by decades of data science expertise and advanced machine learning capabilities    

Privacy & Security

Amex Advance services respect consumers’ privacy and helps keep consumers' data safe

Work with Amex Advance Through our Select Partners


Amex Advance is a data-driven business that partners with companies across the advertising, travel, and service industries to deliver curated personalization services optimized for their customers. Leveraging best-in-class predictive machine learning, deep consumer insights, connectivity capabilities, and an integrated platform, Amex Advance transforms its deterministic data insights into customized solutions to solve partners’ key business challenges.    



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1 Compared to the rest of the active Card Member base (September 2016)


2 Compared to the rest of the active Card Member base (September 2016)


Compared to the rest of the active Card Member base (July 2016)    



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