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How can the Pay Over Time option help your business?

The Pay Over Time option allows you to make business purchases with confidence knowing you have the flexibility to pay over time. Eligible purchases of $100 or more will be placed into a balance that you can choose to pay over time with interest. 


Some accounts may require eligible charges to be equal to or greater than $200, $500, or $1000 to be automatically moved.




Immediate Access 


Make key purchases now knowing you can pay over time. Purchases of $100 or more are automatically moved into your Pay Over Time balance each month.



Payment Flexibilty


Pay in full each month, pay the minimum due, or pay any amount in between.  You will only pay interest charges when you carry a balance.


Earn Rewards


If your account is enrolled in the Membership Rewards® Program,  you will earn one point for every eligible dollar you spend, whether you pay in full or over time.


Terms and Conditions


1Eligible purchases of $100 or more made by the Basic Card Member or any Additional Card Member will automatically be included in your Pay Over Time balance each month. The following types of charges are ineligible for the Pay Over Time option: Cash and Express Cash, American Express® Travelers Cheques and other cash equivalents, casinos and gambling transactions, any fees owed to American Express except foreign transaction fees, and other transactions designated by us. If you believe a transaction should have been included in your Pay Over Time balance, please call the number on the back of your Card.


There is a limit to your Pay Over Time feature balance. Please refer to your monthly billing statement for your Pay Over Time limit. Consequently, any Charges that would cause the total balance to exceed your Pay Over Time limit will be due in full. We may increase or decrease the Pay Over Time limit and will tell you if we change that amount.


If you are enrolled in the Pay Over Time feature and would like additional information regarding your APR, penalty APR and other Terms and Conditions governing your use of the Pay Over Time feature, please refer to your Card Member Agreement. To obtain a copy of your Card Member Agreement, log in to your account at americanexpress.com. You may also call the number on the back of your Card to request a copy of your Card Member Agreement.


Terms and Conditions for the Membership Rewards® program apply. Visit membershiprewards.com/terms for more information. Participating partners and available rewards are subject to change without notice.


The value of Membership Rewards points varies according to how you choose to use them.  To learn more, go to www.membershiprewards.com/pointsinfo.


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